Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Anti Communitarian Manifesto is down

PrimitivWerks Presents:
The Alaskan Peoples Heritage Museum

First 20' Gertee, Camp Redington, June 2008
under construction now

The ACL has been down for 2 days apparently. Don't know why or how long it will stay down. I'll see what I can find out from Nordica and hopefully nothing too serious happened with our hostess! We've had free hosting at since 2001 so it's always been the safest place for all our ACL research materials because I never could have made sure I had the payements. Jess is down too, so it could be a major glitch but hopefully it's just maintenence. If it is a permanent problem then we'll have to figure out where to put it.. man I hope that doesn't happen because I'd want to revise and update every page and I just don't have the time for that right now.

Bunch of searches for the Anti Communitarian Manifesto by name today, that never happens. Almost funny that now that people are looking for it, it's gone. Would have been great for hardcopy orders, except the order info is at the ACL. And so is 2020's.. bummer.. not so funny after all.Fuel reduction (this was a thicket when I started)

People are starting to pull in to see what we're doing. One guy was in construction for 30 years and just had to tell me that he'd never seen one of these. That will happen all summer. The forrest ranger stopped by too, and I took one of his official booklets and found it to be full of usefull information. What a suprise that was. I've read so much crap put out by the U.S. government that I was ready to read pure communitarian doublespeak about saving the environoment. Instead I find they like people who cut down trees and savagely destroy and uproot plants from their natural habitat. They recommend we kill all kinds of trees and shrubs and grass and destroy nesting grounds for all kinds of insects and suggest landscaping ideas for fire breaks. It's as if the communitarians had no input whatsoever in this brochure, and yet the Dept of Agriculture was the first U.S. agency to change it's mission statement to "sustainable development" in 1992. There was a weird moment when he first pulled in cause his truck looks like a Trooper's (only yellow) and we were burning all day so it could have been a different kind of visit, but he's a nice guy and I totally respect the job he does. Plus, he was only here to visit Tim (who's been a volunteer firefighter since he was 7). Then the craziest thing was a local gal wanted to do her community service helping us build the museum. So I had a communitarian slave for 2 days. I've decided slaves slow me down.

Update on the Manifesto: We're taking the next 2 days off from CR to go over the Manifesto one last time. I just had to get into the yard before the bees got here, it's scary thrashing around in our woods in the summer, there's millions of bees and they live in the ground and everywhere. Some summers they're very vicious; the reason I didn't take the tent down last summer was because it was full of them! These aren't honey bees.. these are the mean ones that attack.


FishTaxi said...

hey sister, I hope its just server maintenance with your site.

The museum looks great!

Too bad they aren't honey bees. The interior would be swarming with honey!

Bobby Garner said...

According to a note posted on their home page, The Web Union has discontinued its hosting service:

"At present, TWU is in the process of shifting focus from Web hosting to private consulting. As a result, TWU is not presently accepting new customers.

"Existing customer accounts will be maintained through the end of their payment plan, but no renewal is planned at this time."

Your "payment plan" has ended because it was free. Time to look for new hosting. Let me know if you need help.

S. said...


I'm really hoping it is just maintenance as well... It's like I lost my quick and handy communitarian pocket reference!

We all look forward to any news about the ACL.


Darren Weeks said...


I just read your post regarding the ACL site. Hopefully, you have your site back up soon.

If it doesn't come back up, I'd be willing to provide you hosting for the ACL site free. I have a couple of servers and I can put you on one of mine. Your work is very important and needs to be seen.

Just let me know when you know.

Blessings, Darren