Sunday, May 18, 2008

Model GerTee 2008

Four inch roof ring for a 1/12 scale model

I've decided I like a taller roof.

I'm only covering half of the roof and walls
so one side shows how the frame goes together.

Dimensions for a 20 foot gertee:
8' walls
4' roof ring with 22 holes
12' roof poles @ 45 degree angle
8' doorframes
60' around
20' across
20' high

New table I made for one of my scenes.
The AK wildflowers are dipped in Verathane.

(Another unimportant fact about me: I was a personal assistant/shopkeep for Verathane's owner. I managed Bebee's Boutique in Haleiwa, Hawaii in 1979. Bebee Vetterli is the only person I've ever seen who used an abacus to count. My carpenter friend Wild Bill Gillespie came over from Fairbanks and did a bunch of work for us, including put down exotic hardwood floor in her sewing room, which he covered with Verathane. It really does make the wood come alive.)

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