Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pakistan Daily News reports US Military Officers Challenge 9/11 Story

Pete sent me this gullibility factor test for fun.
Yay me, I got a 94. I missed the Vitamin E and the cancer questions. The results remind me of my horrorscope.
Your GF score is 94.
(Out of a range of 0 - 100, where 0 = mind slave, and 100 = free thinker.)

Mind slave

Free thinker
(You) 100

Free Thinker

Welcome to the top 5%. You're a true free thinker and a person who is well informed about the reality in which you live. Although you may have been easily manipulated earlier in life, you eventually gained lucidity and developed a healthy sense of skepticism that you now automatically apply to your observations and experiences. You are endlessly curious about human behavior and the nature of the universe, and you have one or more lifestyle habits that most people would consider odd or unusual. You are not only of very high intelligence, you are also extremely creative in one or more areas (music, art, software development, inventing, etc.)

If you were in The Matrix, you would have taken the red pill, completed the combat training, and started fighting (and beating) agents from day one.

Your architects: You have cast off reality distortions taught to you by your parents, schooling, corporate advertising and government propaganda. You create your own beliefs based on what serves you best, without much regard for what the rest of the crowd is doing. You are guided by your own internal code of ethics (which may or may not agree with politically-correct ethical codes) rather than any pre-set system of ethics (such as from any one religion).

I don't know who Lisa Long is but she started sending me her news emails a couple years ago. Many of her stories seem to promote the left side of the dialectic so I don't read her emails very often. Actually I haven't had time to read up on any current news, because I guess in some way I've been taking a break from a constant barrage of disinformation. But tonight I opened a few elist mails and found this:

USA Military Officers Challenge Official Account of September 11

More here:

I'm one of those Americans who never believed the officially sanctioned conspiracy theory of what took place on September 11. It later freaked me out when I saw that the Patriot Act included things I'd read in the Joint Dod/DoJ Technology Report of 1999, but I didn't pursue it as a focus of ACL research because I don't know enough about buildings and demolitions to make any valid scientific observations. Plus it's always looked to me like some very fine researchers were doing the best possible job already.

Wouldn't it be great if these brave soldiers were able to instigate a Congressional investigation and not end up like Hitler's generals who resisted his final solution? Or, since the ultimate goal is the establishment of a all-powerful world government, is it possible that 9-11 was botched purposefully and obviously so that we would never believe it and as a result lose faith in our system of government entirely and be more apt to accept the Hague as the supreme global communitarian court of law? Too many 9-11 "truthers" want to take Bush and Cheney before the International Court. What will these military officers do when Congress refuses their petition? Is there a higher authority who has the power to redress their grievances? Taking the highest elected U.S. officials before the world court is the communitarians best possible scenario, one that would give the U.N. the credibility it needs before it can enforce all of the objectives outlined in Agenda 21.

One of the only things I ever asked my dad was about how our skies could have possibly been so defenseless for so long. I wanted to know what the old sarge thought happened to our air defenses. (I also asked him about the trillions missing from DoD and why foreign airplanes had to patrol our airspace after the attacks and before we knew for sure who did it.)

The first officer cited, Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, joined the ACL group at leftrightunite, and I think he was on my friends list too, but I don't know him. It's also pretty interesting that Alex Jones made his way into this Pakistani news story.

Just recently I read that the airport security in Boston was subcontracted to an Israeli company, but I haven't checked that for myself.

Lisa also forwarded this story " Israel PM calls for naval blockade of Iran" .

From Peter Myers' elist I got this: The Coming World Government is Announced by the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute

And, man, what happened to these guys? Fourth Right Foot Found

We the People Foundation have taken up Ron Paul's Revolution:

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