Sunday, May 11, 2008

PrimitivWerks - A Living Alaskan Art Project

Summer season is only 3 weeks away and we just thawed out. Everything moves a lot slower in the country so we're still waiting for propane, phone lines, and book proofs. But the road is passable finally so we are almost set up to move gertee (and ACL headquarters) to Camp Redington for the summer. So the good news is I'm not living on the edge anymore and I have a summer job lined up. I just want to say thank you again to all the people who helped us make it through the winter, and I hope those of you who can will come visit us sometime!

Our museum construction is almost underway and it will be a 30 footer. We're making it into sections/scenes with titles, like Iditiarod Trail, Dead Things and Bones, Trapping and Hunting, etc. We're including a memorial section for locals who have passed on. We have some cool things left by a famous Alaskan (and around the USA) firefighter and unofficial "sheriff" named Alpine (he was born on the pool table at the Alpine Bar). Everyone out here has a great story about him helping them and they all tell a tale of a man who overcame amazing obstacles to become somewhat of a local hero. So we'll start with an Alpine memorial (and Tim's parents) and invite locals to share their pictures and stories about other Alaskan Sourdoughs and Indians who used to live around here. We do want to preserve our cultural heritage.

My winter gertee will be made into a screened cook shack where our guests can cook their fresh salmon and dinners. We may eventually turn it into a Salmon Bake. The camp will be a work-in-progess all summer long. Rick is for sure letting me put up his 18 foot tipi for a guesthouse (which I want to stay in too!). We're thinking of ways to build homemade hot tubs and a sweat lodge is another viable alternative. Nordica wants top open a spa, get a masseuse to come out and set up a table, and incorporate Catherine's T-Junction Alaskan herbal mud masks.

I finished reading Sinister Forces, A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft, BOOK ONE: The Nine by Peter Levenda. I learned a lot from it, but I have to say I don't much care for his New Yorker style and commentary, and I'm suspicious of his focus on the various denominations of the Catholic Church (Wandering Bishops?), a direction which seems to be gaining in popularity among certain groups of NWO researchers who argue against the researchers who include the Zionist connections. I've seen too much evidence of the connections between all the religions now, and I'm thinking I may be able to focus my times on the one thing Mr. Levenda never mentions: the Communitarian Church of Vermont. (Has anyone done a history of it?)

First fire of the year at Camp Redington

I've made 11 miniature Alaska scene boxes out of
exotic hardwoods for PrimitivWerks Bazaar.
I made the table and the shelf in this one.

Background picture of
Matanuska River and Chugach Mtns

Scene includes dried Alaskan weeds,
baby Golden Spruce tree, framed prints of
Joe Redington Sr, an Eskimo woman, a moose,
Alaska Travel book, Alaska Bizarre cover.

Rocket launch crew in Kenny Lake.

Back to back we faced each other...

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