Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tony Blair accused of war crimes

Lisa Long forwarded this article by David Halpin, May 28, 2008, posted at

# 2 in the long list of charges:
"2) Conspiracy to join with another power in aggressive war, the supreme international war crime, contrary to the Nuremberg Rules and the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations. This was first made public when he joined Mr George Bush, President of the United States of America, and Britain for bloodied steaks over a barbecue at Crawford Ranch in April 2002." {emphasis added}

Is G.W. Bush next? What if the Bush's believe in their own brand of communitarian Jihad and train their children to sacrifice themselves for the greater good? Has little Bush been taught to prepare himself to be the first U.S. President executed by the International Criminal court for war crimes against humanity in violation of the United Nation's Charter?

Do Americans know the Earth Charter rests in an ARC (of the Covenant) in the Hague's International Peace Palace, or that it's called the Environmental Ten Commandments? Naw, why do they need to know all that? Maybe it's time I cleaned up the International Court page at the ACL. It's a mess of pictures and has a horrible layout, it was the first page I made after I learned how to insert pictures and graphics. I also was shocked at what I found when I studied it and my attitude prevails. I could tone it down because it is an important piece to the plan.

Lisa also sent a link to Devvy's latest article at newswithviews reposted at blacklisted news. She mentions an interview tomorrow night on the Jeff Rense Show with a man named Ben Partin. Looks like it should be a really interesting show.

Thnaks to Bobby for studying the UNESCO documents Pete sent me and for writing a synopsis for us at It's clearly a communitarian program. Isn't it amazing how much of their plans they wrote out in detail? Devvy tells us about a whole series written by the communists:

"In my last column, I strongly recommended that people read an assessment by my dearest friend, retired USAF Brigadier General Ben Partin, titled, Deadly Failures in Intelligence Analysis and Defense Preparedness. Ben is no lightweight; his bio is in the link. There is a three volume tome on the communist blueprint for world domination titled ‘The Program,’ which Ben and I discussed at great length when I was at his home a week ago in Virginia. I have been pounding on this for years in my columns. Copies of these three books are hard to find and cost more than a $100 dollars per book. This work titled, ‘The Communist International,’ is broken down into time periods. It was issued under the Royal Institute of International Affairs. This organization touts itself as a home for "forward thinking." Another global operation. Beware the forward thinkers and progressives. They are dangerous to freedom."

Devvy sounds a lot like Nancy Levant these days... her description of boobtube watching Americans is oddly similar. Wonder what happened to Devvy's good friend Jerri Lynn Ball, author of Time Bomb and the Great Communitarian Hoax. I always wanted to correspond with Jerri but she never responded. The only difference between ours and her research is she cited a lot more insider government documents and never mentioned Etzioni or the Network (that I could find in Time Bomb). I don't use the descriptor communism interchangeably with communitarianism anymore than I use it interchangeably with socialism or capitalism. Must be summer or something but it doesn't irritate me as much now when I see aricles like Devvy's focus on just the communists, as if they are the only ones who helped establish the rules for the global games.

But I do disagree with her opening statement that Bush is a communist. Bush is a communitarian, he blends communism with capitalist corporatism/free trade. He represents the emerging planned synthesis of ideas. He's much more than just a communist, he's part of a whole new breed of born again community volunteers.

Hey! Look what kinds of money is available to people who want to Preserve America! Camp Redington is a Living Alaskan History Project. A local teacher was awarded a Teacher of the Year visit to President Bush. This is crazy but I bet we'd qualify.


Bobby Garner said...


Preserve America is an obvious communitarian program. The money is tempting, but how do you criticize the hand that feeds you?

Interestingly, in an email dated 6/25/05, I wrote: "The Anti-Communitarian League-USA! is the only Website I know of which makes a dedicated effort to expose this enormous deception happening right under our noses, and people are actually clamoring for more of it, nearly always because of the money it promises..."

the tent lady said...

Yeah, I found it when I went to check up on HUD's 20/20 program and couldn't resist making a joke about it here. We've been joking a lot lately and using their words to describe what we're doing, i.e: preserving our cultural heritage, promoting sustainable economic growth and crap like that. Local people are continually asking me if we're getting any grants for it. When I tell them all the federal grants come with invisible strings that are hidden in the language they roll their eyes at me. Then again, my family would respect me if I got a grant to do my work... don't you know that having principles regarding how you earn your keep is considered a luxury only the rich can afford?

I got another email this morning promoting class warfare and pushing for an economic revolution. How easily we could fall into every trap the comunitarians have set.

Stop Common Purpose said...

I would dearly love to see Bush, Blair and the rest of the corrupt, lying, crooks in the dock.

S. said...

It is not worth it to sacrifice a couple of know-nothing piggish puppets like Bush and Blair, when doing so will open the door even further to "Global Communitarian Government" and help them to set legal precedent that remove God given liberties.

Don't fall for the trick! They can throw whoever they want to under the bus. Bush and Blair being held accountable would simply be a well staged hoax. It would cause the deceived majority to cry out even more for "One king over all the earth, who can remove the causes of trouble and discord etc."