Friday, March 28, 2008

LA 21 Law

Somebody from Navy Network Information Center (nnic),Quantico, USMC looked up "LA21 Law" and I followed their search results. Any guesses what their interest in this particular topic might be?

Found this on Turkey's Local Agenda 21:

"LA-21 National Youth Parliament provided recommendations for the amendment of the Municipality Law and organized meetings with state authorities; the goal has been to increase youth participation in decision making at local level. Consequently, the Municipality Law changed on 8 October 2006 enabling local youth councils to have a stronger role at municipalities through city councils."

The Dane's LA21 information page is also informative:

How is it possible that so many nations can publish SO MUCH about LA21 and Communitarian legal integration while Americans continue to insist it's a conspiracy theory? Now that I know witches play a role, I'm wondering if they really might have the power to cast a spell on words (and maybe we should add this suprise element to our War on Words game. Like the fact of how hard it is for people to say communitarianism. It was always weird how many times I forgot how to pronouce it and said camanatarin, with Nordica correcting me every time because she has a good ear for foreign languages and my horrible pronounciations really annoyed her when she was 15. Now it rolls off my tongue and I can spell it without thinking, but it wasn't easy in the beginning. Plus, maybe a humdred people have told me to STOP using the actual word, for various reasons.

A lot of people have been searching for "Agenda 21 conspiracy" lately. People like us who talk about Agenda 21 are still labled conspiracists. That just doesn't make any sense unless you consider the possibility of a giant spell cast by some evil witches. This is not where I normally take my research, but Bobby's found some good history on Wiccans and I have to say it sure looks like they believe they can learn to use magic and cast spells. The Cherry Hill Seminary trains Communitarian ministers to cast spells. What else am I supposed to believe?


Anonymous said...

In a major political initiative at Dakar, Lavrov sought the support of the OIC for a Russian proposal that an "advisory council of religions" should be set up under the auspices of the United Nations, predicated on the estimation that "the involvement of the religious factor could be of help in settling different conflicts through strengthening confidence and concord of all parties based on international law with full respect of the UN role in international affairs".

the tent lady said...

I was unaware of this initiative at Dakar. The religious angle has to be played now, doesn't it? Those of us who have zero respect of the UN role may be convinced of its role if we are led to believe it's God's Idea.

The article at Asian Times is full of information that warrants further study, especially the obvious dialectical solutions:

"Russia, instead, today is well placed to offer its good offices to mediate a dialogue of civilizations between the Christian West and the Islamic East."

Nobody understands dialectical materialism like the expert Russians. Do they have an official Communitarian Church in Russia?

Bobby said...

This may be a very obscure point (and one which I am unable to prove), but I was watching the Soviet Unions Foreign Minister speaking to the UN General Assembly in 1986 when he said that the member nations would have to give up some of their sovereignty under the auspices of the UN in order to save the environment because their survival was at stake. The Rio Summit happened soon afterward and we got sustainable communitarianism as a result. So the Russians have always been a key player in this game.

Bobby said...

This is a very interesting search.
Google reports:
No results found for "LA 21 Law".

Results for LA 21 Law (without quotes): 1 - 100 of about 14,500,000 for "LA 21 Law".
This is number one:
ACL: Agenda 21
Our interest in Etzioni and the communitarian system of law began when we ... Katrina related LA-21 plans: Mobile, Alabama, answers the United Nations call! ... - 110k

Yahoo reports: 1 - 34 of about 35 for " LA 21 Law"
No mention of the ACL on Yahoo.

For "", Yahoo returns 3,080 hits while Google returns only 94.

Google is censuring some of the sites I link to with warnings of malware.

We must be having an effect.

the tent lady said...

One of my sisters was outside a coffee shop or somewhere in Boise when she startd talking to some guy she met. He brought up LA21 and she said "yeah I know about that." He was astonished and asked her how she knew. She told him she learned about it from her sister at the ACL. He exclaimed, "You're Niki Raapana's sister?????"

The subject of her email to me was "You're famous." It's a weird feeling knowing there are strangers out there who we've touched with our efforts to teach the new system. It makes me sad for some reason and I'm not sure why. On the other hand I'm happy to know we can validate people I meet who've been labled nuts by their families and neighbors for talking about the plan. One thing's for sure, sane people react passionately to this information, and for some of us that passion never quite seems to go away. That's the only reason I still believe in Jesus (even though my mind got polluted with new age crap over the years, not to mention my feminist leanings, and the appeal of saving the trees was another one I succumbed to... I've had to pretty much clear the entire slate and leave it blank.)

I've often wondered why we rank so high on google searches, we get steady visits from places like ask jeeves and crawler bloglines. I wonder what will happen if the manifesto takes off the same way our website did because of it. At least half our visitors arrive searching for the Hegelian dialectic, and it's been steady every day for over 5 years now. I sent it to another poli sci prof last month. No response, but the number of profs responding to the poll went up 10 in 2 weeks, heh.