Tuesday, March 25, 2008

EU Freezes funds for four programs for Bulgaria

This came in from Pete with several very interesting articles on new nationalism. The source is an independent news agency called Mathaba. I'm sure this was also in the mainstream news and I will look for the original source. The part that matters to me is highlighted in bold. Communitarianism is not only a Pagan/Amitai church somewhere in Vermont, it's also the entire body of European laws.

Bobby Garner and I are the primary researchers of communitarianism in the USA. He is the expert on the religious and theosophical portions. Paul Barnes is the Canadian expert focused on the political rebuilding and restructuring of the system. Do we have an (anti)communitarian legal expert in any of our nations? Is there another researcher besides Bobby, Paul and I who is studying how this body of law affects the three former sovereign nations in the SPP/NAU? How are things progressing with the Andean Parliament these days, anyway?

EU freezes funds for four programs for Bulgaria
Posted: 2008/03/08
From: Mathaba

SOFIA, March 7 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU) has frozen millions of euros in funds for four programs that Bulgaria was due to receive, after reports of corruption and irregularities in fund control, local press reported Friday.

The European Commission (EC) froze 50 million euros (77 million U.S. dollars) of funds under the PHARE program because of irregularities in fund management, Bulgaria's Deputy Finance Minister Dimitar Ivanovski announced Thursday.

PHARE is the main vehicle for pre-accession assistance to EU candidate countries. The main aim of the program is to support the candidate countries in the process of adopting and implementing the acquis communitarian (the entire body of European laws) and to prepare them for managing the Structural Funds.


By the way S., you're dead on about my interview in One Nation Under Siege. It's hacked to bits and in one place where I'm describing Communitariansm it's edited to make it sound as if I'm describing Community Policing, as if that is the entire theory I oppose. In fact, the whole focus of my input is only in the new policing... as far as I heard I only said Communitarian Law once. And yes, Dr. Joyce Riley (who many suspect is a disinformation agent/infiltrator, along with Dave von Kleist-- See Jackie Patru and Linda Kennedy) who's on just before me has a lengthy chat; it has not one edit that disrupts her speech, she was shot from 2 angles and the cameras switch back and forth, that's all. I was lured into participating in this video because Charlotte Iserbyt and Joan Veon were also in it. At that time I highly respected both their work, and decided it wouldn't matter if I was in a dvd with Jim Marrs (who I totally distrust). Live and learn I guess.

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Anonymous said...

One thing I found odd was that in the extended interview DVD of the "One Nation Under Siege" package, the film maker(s) chose to leave in some mistakes (eg. that of Joan Veon fluffing her lines repeatedly, another of one of the male interviewees making a mistake) without editing these parts out. It seemed curious indeed. Also, they could have included the full recording of your own interview, but did not. Why are the motives of so many of the people involved in this "movement" so hard to fathom? Why do they arouse so much suspicion? Is it paranoia (such as Dave Von Kleist's "Nazi links") or is the movement, in fact, riddled with informers?