Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Communitarian Religion

Umes stave church

Much of my study of communitarianism has been in the political and legal arena. I tend to stick to reading the documents I am familiar with, meaning policies and programs. I stepped outside my little self-imposed box after a few years and devoted thousands of hours to the philosophical foundations for the communitarian theory. That resulted in our manifesto in 2003. But the story of communitarianism doesn't stop there, and there is much work that has yet to even be started. Besides being the emerging global-to-local bureaucratic system, it also includes this whole other aspect called religion. Communitarian economics and banking, as I explained last week, is one of the subjects I consider to be way out of my league. Religious, or spiritual communitarianism is another.

Therefore, I'm very grateful to Bobby Garner for taking the time to study and share his work on the religious theories that are the backbone for our comunitarian spiritual evolution. He is the only person I'm aware of in the world who has studied the connection between Christianity, Alice Bailey, Masonry and the communitarian Plan for a New Global Economic Order. Bobby's also done a lot of historical research and has found several things I never heard of in connection to communitarianism. I highly recommend his site to all my visitors who would like to read another take on all of this, and perhaps some of you are interested in knowing more about the history, beliefs and religious practices of the communitarians. He also keeps a lively e-list conversation going that includes people with many different opinions.

On a more personal note

My apologies to visitors who were concerned by my lack of posts lately. I've been caught up in spring chores and taking care of my grandson while Nordica edits and prepares 2020 and the Manifesto (the new cover is so cute) for the next printing. We got huge orders for both of them, at once, and we've been busting it out here on one computer. Anyone who's lived with us knows who wins every war over the laptop. We've been so happy and hopeful; I didn't mean to worry anyone with my absense. Thanks for caring so much, I will try to check in and leave at least one line every couple days from now on. Maybe I'll start taking pictures again... like the outside gertee walls are covered in mold, that'd make some great pictures... bleach... good thing it's spring and I can redecorate before I go mad from the smells. Pete said the material may have come infected before I put it up and the ice gave it a perfect place to grow. (I don't know anything about mold.) So next I'm gonna cut up the old wall tent and us it for walls.. really is a trip that I can just take it all down and start over with a new firmer floor (out of the floodzone) and put up the new roof Sean and Johnny sent! (Thanks guys!!!) It snowed yesterday but it's definitely springtime in Alaska.. almost.

For all you hockey fans, my sister Judy's son, Wylie Rogers, who played goalie four years for the UAF Nanooks, just went pro. He's with the Utah Grizzlies. Go Wylie and the Griz! For links to ALL his hockey games, visit his number one fan site:

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