Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Summer of Freedom Festival -- June 21 to July 4, 2008

We're thinking about a few things we'd like to do for fun this summer. Hopefully we have time to celebrate surviving the winter and being alive before the markets collapse, before the planet goes off its axis, before HAARP sends up Tesla signals heralding of Jesus' return or there's an outbreak of avian flu or Denver gets nuked or the Chinese invade or the illegal immigrants riot in our cities, or whatever else folks say is going to happen. Everybody I meet has a theory; I wish I had the time and resources to travel around asking people their theories and compiling it into a video. There'd be a lot of truth in it, because every version I've heard of the "new world order" has the same theme: Total and utter desecration of life and freedom as we know it.

I always wanted to find a way to stop the communitarians. I hate them. I hate what they've done and I really hate what they're planning to do. This hatred is so deep and real that even I don't understand it sometimes. I don't want to hate anybody so this has been a real dilemma for me. I spent many years seeking a spiritual path after I left the Lutheran faith, studying many religions before I settled upon the simple Lakota prayer circle and ceremonial pipe. But I don't even do that anymore. Today I too easily recognise the communitarian lingo in every religion so I don't know what I believe. I believe everything we've been told is a lie... beyond that.. no idea. I do believe in prayer, it's always helped me and I did a lot of it when I took on Seattle police, but it's getting harder to pray when I don't want to use ANY of "their" terms for the Creator (which is also one of their terms). The bottom line is I've been too serious about this work for nine full years and spent too many hours thinking about the bad guys. While I'll never entirely shake off the brutal truth about what our leaders have done to so many beatutiful, ancient cultures with this stupid sustainable development bomb (flood) and rebuild agenda, I do plan to start honoring my Creator again for granting me the gift of freedom. I am grateful to have lived my 51 years as an American. Part of the motivation for my ACL research was the enormous debt I feel for those who stood up or died for my right to pursue my own destiny. I lived my life on my terms, for better or worse, and it was only my freedom which allowed me to pursue ACL research.

Right now, today, I can still decide what I'm going to do next. To me, that's the simplest form of freedom there is. I can choose to do anything within my reach because my government servants haven't the power over me to make me do what they want me to do (unless I'm criminally charged). Choice is such a basic component of freedom that I cannot imagine life without it. (But I know the communitarians can.) So after anguishing over the future of our nation and what's going to happen to my family and friends when communitarian law becomes the "official" rule of law here as it is in the EU... I have to stop for a while and try to remember why I love my people and my country so much. I've spent six years on the computer. I need to connect with my friends in real life (and I never seem to travel anymore), so I'm going over the logistics of hosting a freedom festival at Camp Redington over Solstice til the 4th. We want bands, dancing, tasty treats, contests, turkey shoots and tug-of-wars and all that old fashioned manly stuff going on.

I could hold a few short ACL or gertee building seminars during the daytime if there's any interest. I may even put out a "call for papers" to be presented at the festival, then print a hardcopy of the ten voted best essays on freedom. People could submit their ideas for a "top ten" list of the best ways to maintain individual liberty. Lots of people write and ask me what I think we "should do?" I've never known what to say to that. From now on I'm going to answer, "Come to Alaska or send me your ideas and we'll have a great time trying to figure it out together!" I think it would be just so wonderful to sit in a circle around a campfire with all the good people we've met online through ACL work. But realistically, it will be mostly Alaskans who love their summer adventures, and maybe I won't be talking about anti communitarianism at all.

I'm praying for one last summer of freedom. Ho Mitakyoashin.


Anonymous said...

Dear Niki, this post doesnt sound very good, but I understand about being with friends and neighbors to enjoy that last bit of freedom as we have known it. We need to pray that evil will be over ruled by good.

I am trying very hard to spread your message and again for some unknown reason I was lead to freedom advocates and low and behold you were on a radio program with Mike Shaw. I listened to it twice and have forwarded your message. People are waking up and are really picking it up.
You take care, have fun this summer as I intend to do the same, enjoy my horses it might well be the last that I will be an owner.

Paul Barnes said...

Count me in, I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

hey niki this is jason. i think you are on the right track there. if you have not decompressed in all this time you ought to do it. I dont think you should be so pessimistic though.If you look back at history, everyone is like that. I dont know if I could make your festival. I might still be taking a summer class then.

S. said...

After all the reading, digging, compiling, comparing, researching, disecting, disgarding, doubting, doublechecking and thinking... it is a very nice feeling to one day realize that the best way to fight these souless creatures is by being ourselves.

All us people out here with a hunger for truth are still the same people we were before we started peeling away the layers of this infinite rotton onion.

We beat em best when we relax, slow down, enjoy ourselves, refuse to be exausted and avoid being overwhelmed. Grace is on our side. Grace gave us those antiquatted "inalienable" rights in the first place. It wasn't our alleged Christian/Massonic forefathers. It wasn't the dogmatic mantra of some wannabe church. It was Grace. Putting a name on where it comes from just gives shallow people an excuse to disagree.

I'd love to come up North again... Maybe I'll have the grace to arrive. My fiance sure suprised me when she recently said, "We should go visit Niki and them in Alaska sometime..."

Never can tell :D Never can...never can...

Now everyone lay back, relax, get some of that clean breath, and keep on fighting this battle by simply knowing what it means to be free both inside and out.

..and if you truly know that good're already under the wave...and it is deep.

the tent lady said...

thanks everyone! I'm going to do it. We're having a party! Yahoo.