Thursday, March 6, 2008

Are Both Obama and Hillary DLC Candidates?

There's no doubt what-so-ever that Hillary Clinton is a friend of the DLC and its primary funders, the Sir Evelyn de Rothschilds. I'm sure Hillary knew American Democratic organizer Lynn Forrester before she married Sir Evelyn and the newlywed Rothschilds were invited to spend their wedding night in the White House.

The DLC's mission was to define the Third Way. I did some research on this a few years back, and Obamas name did come up:

From the New York Observer, March 4, 2008:

"Mr. From said Mr. Obama had an intellectual, and not just tactical, connection to the D.L.C.

“I mean his chief economist, Austan Goolsbee, is a fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute, which is our think tank,” he said."

It looked like Obama "left" the DLC in March 2005, at least that's what I quoted at the ACL. I'm not sure if using a DLC boy as his chief economist qualifies him to claim he left the DLC. I guess what this really means is we can't expect a revival of our economy based on the American System of Political Economy, besides, the PPI is only one of hundreds of think tanks that promote communitarian economics; the American system is outdated and a dangerous influence on Third World nations. Nobody who's anybody would ever be so uncouth as to bring it up in mixed company.

Here's a Rep Major Owens explaining in Jan 2008 why Hillary must rescue herself from the DLC. He gives a little background on it for us:

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