Friday, March 14, 2008

A New Economic Order -- Washington Post opinion

A new economic order in the USA did not "have" to happen. Regardless of what the textbooks imply, economic systems do not "evolve." One of the main fallacies of the New Economic Order folks is that every change they make to our status as free human beings was "inevtitable." It's happening now because this is the plan set out by the defeated British Empire and their cronies. (Don't be misled by the leadership role assumed by the EU...there was never any doubt of HRH Queen Elizabeth's and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild's role in the New Economic Order)

Sustainable development is the UN term that justifies a globally managed economic order. When the U.S. Congress made their committment to uphold the goals laid out in Local Agenda 21, they embraced the concept that the American lifestyle is "unsustainable." According to Neil Irwin, a Washington Post Staff Writer, the bad news yesterday were only: "small pieces of a much bigger reversal in a series of imbalances that made Americans feel richer than they were and created unsustainable distortions in the world economy that are now righting themselves."

The much "bigger reversal" Irwin is referring to refers to all the legislation passed in the USA that laid the ground work for the communitarian political and legal system that sustains the New Global Communitarian Economic Order.

"Unsustainable distortions" is preparing us for the Marxist ideology of the "need" for a redistribution of wealth. The Fabians have always made it appear as if the American worker (whose taxes support communitarian wars and rebuilding the world plans) owns more than his "fair" share of the world's "wealth." It doesn't matter that the workers in every nation are the ones who create wealth, nor does it matter that the global corporations go around the world stealing that wealth from the workers. Nooooo. What matters more is that the hardest workers of the world should have to cough up a global tax to help eat their debts and "spread the wealth."

Social injustice is a favorite globalist phrase that implies Americans have an obligation to assume repsonsibility for mistakes and crimes perpertrated by the British-Zionist empire and their White House corporate affiliates. These unsustainable distortions are now "righting themselves." Now, why is it that I know for a fact that as a bonifide "poor" person I will never benefit from this global redistribution of wealth?

Will the private corporate IRS be responsible for collecting the Global Poverty Tax too? Didn't the IRS become a partner with the DEA and INS and Community Policing and FEMA and DHS? What happens when Americans refuse to go along with this portion of the scam?
A New Economic Order
Why the Downturn Had to Happen

By Neil Irwin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, March 14, 2008; Page D01

Retail sales plummeting. The dollar at a new low against other world currencies. A 60 percent jump in U.S. home foreclosures. A major investment fund going kaput.

This is what a reordering of the world economy looks like in real time.

Don't think of yesterday's economic news as discrete events. They are small pieces of a much bigger reversal in a series of imbalances that made Americans feel richer than they were and created unsustainable distortions in the world economy that are now righting themselves.

Americans are consuming less, and their houses and other assets are becoming less valuable. Painful as they may be, in the long run, both trends must happen to restore sustainable growth. But in the short run, they are wrenching changes that are probably causing a recession.

The weaker U.S. economy, combined with low interest rates due to Federal Reserve rate cuts, has made traders around the world less inclined to buy dollars. Thus, the value of a dollar fell below 100 yen yesterday for the first time since 1995, and slumped to a new low against the euro. Unpleasant as that is for people planning European vacations, it should help cushion the blow to the economy by making U.S. exporters more competitive.

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