Monday, March 24, 2008

The Anti Communitarian Manifesto in hardcopy, ebook and mp3

The Anti Communitarian Manifesto is ready to print! We put the ad for it in the back of the last edition of 2020: Our Common Destiny and already started getting orders for it. Whoo hoo! We didn't think it would happen that fast but we were almost done laying it out and now, thanks to our good friends and supporters in beautiful Montana, we have produced a hardcopy version of What is the Hegelian Dialectic? and The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking.

We decided to print them exactly as they have appeared online for the past few years. While it was torture not rewriting them with everything we've since learned, we felt it was important to keep it the way it's been for every person who's read it and studied it online. Also this is our primary thesis paper and I have submitted this version to hundreds of American political science and law professors over the years. If we are ever to be disputed, this is what they will dispute.

For the book version we listed every reference link (there are 80) and note the ones that are no longer available online. We decided to add several articles I've written that supplement our thesis with updated information and references. Depending on the printing costs, I also want to include 2 ACL charts. Big Mother's Game Plan: Checkmate and The Rule of Law have been fairly well visited online, so I assume they are either hugely entertaining or helpful in some way.

I want to thank all the people who have been helping us lately. You've changed the way we look at our work. Nine years ago I dove into this research like a maniac because I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing in municipal planning meetings. I lost the respect and friendship of many people who I'd earned it from during my first 40 years of life. I was the kind of person who was a friend to anyone who needed a friend. My dad taught me the value of being a good host (the Army loves its parties). I liked to host birthday parties for people who never had one in their life. I sang at weddings, made treats for Nordica's classes, joined a morning bowling league and always had a bunch of people at my house; hundreds of people have stayed with me over the past 30 years. I like to cook bread and huge pots of stews and the family spagetti and meatballs recipe and when I got into recovery I did it even more (my house even became a meeting spot for a while for men who were victims of sexual abuse). So when I stopped doing ALL of that and focused every ounce of energy and intellect I had left into finding out who was destroying my country, well, this affected the quality of Nordica's life in numerous ways.

Nobody we knew understood what I had found. Nobody we knew was capable of reading the long boring, confusing papers that had to be read in order to see there indeed was a plan. I'm from lower-working class America. (My dad was an E-5 when we were in Germany, with a wife and five children.) My friends (even the ones I made in college) all come from working class families. My sister Susan was the first one in our large Friedrich family to graduate from a university. She was the only one in my family who could read some of my work, but she read it from the perspective of a registered socialist, anti-war activist with a degree in Sociology, and we never had the opportunity to discuss Hegel or dialectical materialism. When Susan was involved I was still researching Seattle COPS, HUD and NATS for the Dawson lawsuit, not Hegel. Susan helped me come up with a name before I spoke at the Libertarian convention. Along with our unwavering supporter Jim P., my sister named us the anti-communitarian league in April, 2000. Eight years later the ACL still exists, and that is pretty incredible really.

I promised Nordica for years that "someday" somebody would see the value in what we've done and send us money or other support for our work. I knew it had to come out sooner or later that there IS a written plan for a new political and legal system in the USA. How could it not???? I said a lot of things to her over and over again, and on the top of that list is: "People will start looking when it gets so bad they have to know what's happening to them. When it gets so bad they want to know, they will find our work along with all the other opinions out there, and maybe we can help some of them to skip all the dialectical crap that leads away from the truth."

Nobody ever disagreed with me that "people should have the chance to know." They just diagreed that I should be the one to study it. I had no school to study at, I had no grants or an income to support me, and weren't there better qualified people who should do this? The arguments against me were strong and I had no defense that made sense to anyone but me. I've had to just get real quiet and withdrawn in order to shut them down. Two years ago I came here and set up a tent and called it the ACL Headquarters. In defiance of the perception my lifestyle caused with my rising middle class friends and family, I began calling myself the Tent Lady.

So how fortunate are we that my daughter stood by me all these years, helped me build the ACL website in 2002, and eventually rewrote our Hegel tutorial into a Manifesto in 2003? She never made me quit and she never believed I was crazy either. She built the book business and now, thanks to the generous support we've been gifted in the past 2 years, she believes what we've done has some tangible value. The ACL would not exist if it were not for the contributions we've received from the day it was conceived as a "league." May God bless you all, each and every one.

Please contact me if you have a nice speaking voice and would like to do an mp3 recording of 2020 or the manifesto. Several people have asked for this and my good friends in Walla Walla have expressed an interest in creating audios, which got us thinking. We don't want to use our own voices. (I lost my bottom bridge last December and I've got a bit of a lisp going these days. Losing my teeth is one of the consequences of years of poverty level living, boo hoo.)

We're also very pleased with Paul Barnes' contribution to 2020, and excited to hear he may be writing an entire Canadian edition with another Canadian politician. With all the interest lately in the UK regarding their new agreement with the European Union, who knows where this will go.

I had a dream I wrote something called "Ode to an Old Soldier." I think it was for my dad.

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S. said...


That piece on the pagan seminary is disturbing. I was wandering around on Bobby Gerner's site and it has some amazing material. I was there once before, I recall the layout, but WOW. He is a concise researcher.

I found this link to your work:

It tells of a french commedian who mocks Israel and of course is labeled antisemetic. In the comments section someone points the way to your site, because the comedian expresses his distaste for french communitarianism.

I also noticed your link to where I was debating your 'tazers for forest rangers' article. If you go to archery talk and do a search for communitarianism I'm sure you'll find more references there.

I have not forgotten about mp3s... I think it might be good to read the book in sections of an hour at a time, maybe with a brief introduction, I was pretending to be William know... he reads so much in his broadcasts...

I can't imagine just reading it like a regular audio book, as it distinctly has your tone. I feel like I'd need to put the premise out there that I was reading your work, in your words, and maybe give a thought or opinion or two at the beggining and end of each "broadcast". Maybe if us ACL supporters could all get together and make mp3s readings we'd have something special! ...even if we repeated some of the chapters, at the end we could piece together a nice collage.

I've downloaded a few etzioni mp3s I found so I can listen while I'm doing 'nonthinking' work during the week...I'm sure those will piss me right off!

I'll try to get a test run of an
mp3 done and link it up somewhere for you to check out.


and thanks to you and Nord for they years of effort now paying off. Being a voice in the wilderness is a highly honorable position, yet so humbling I'm sure.