Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Clinton Global Initiative or Is Hillary funded by the Rothschild's Bank of England?

Just got an email of a New Zealander's article about the Clinton's connections to the British Fabian-Rhodes Society, and the Fabian basis for the 1987 movie "Amerika."

It's a really good article, but I can't use it at the ACL Fabian Society research page because the writer didn't include all his references. Much of what he says in the beginning I already checked out after I was introduced to it by Joan Veon, Henry Lamb, Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin in 1999. So I did the same thing with this writer as I've done with every other. I started checking his facts. Seems like no matter how much I read and study there's still major things that slip past me.

For example:

1. I've never heard of nor seen the 1987 movie "Amerika." Has anybody else?

2. I do know about Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his American DLC bride Lynn Forrester being the finance behind getting the first Clinton elected. But I don't think I've ever spent a second researching the Clinton's Global Initiative.

According to author John Christian, the Rothschilds, several other billionaires and royals are part of Clinton's lovely sounding vague mission to save the planet. Now Brad Pitt, husband to UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie (who owns a house near the Rothschilds outside London) is leading their urban renewal projects.

I followed the events in New Orleans until I took a break from research in May 2006. I knew they would rebuild it as a model communitarian city because they said they would. It hurts so much to know this once great multi-cultural center no longer exists, I can't imagine the pain it causes to former residents. It's pure anguish to know that THIS rebuilding scheme is the fate of every city, town and rural area in America. What they're replacing it with is a Hollywood Disney movie set, all cute and sweet up front and laden with sinister motives underneath (which Christian goes into great detail about).

Why is Clinton's agenda called "Rebuilding a Sustainable New Orleans"?

Saturday, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

"Rebuilding a Sustainable New Orleans "
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans faces the simultaneous tasks of rebuilding infrastructure, expanding equitable economic and educational opportunities, revitalizing community relations, and pursuing development in environmentally-sustainable ways. This special session will examine the rebuilding efforts in New Orleans, including eco-friendly development and community integration, and provide students and universities with tools to contribute to this vital effort.

It's a national shame the residents of New Orleans haven't got the first clue what's in store for them. This CGI planning meeting is next week and there won't be ANYBODY there who opposes communitarian rebuilding methods (or will there?). If I had the money I'd offer to fly down and support a public meeting on the topic. Maybe I should go anyway, hitch-hike down and join the homeless. Maybe that's the only way to get my free gertee instructable out to people in the Southern states who remain homeless or stuck in government camps. It's a ridiculous plan, I know. Nordica would be furious with me for even considering it. But it's funny how often I'm labeled a "selfish individualist" because of my unwavering stand against communitarianism when I've been a volunteer for the American people for almost a decade. I know I'm supposed to find a way to make money and I should be trying to sell GerTee instead of giving it away. But it's just an idea. I don't want to make them for everybody, I just want them to know they can make them themselves. The American housing crisis is real. In theory, Gertees can pass the eco-friendly sustainable building requirements for new development.

Here's how much more the Clinton royal family cares about helping poor folks:

And Hillary did talk about her and Obama joining forces. Democrats are called it a "dream ticket." Obama says it's "premature." They will win, won't they?

Now for another example of a writer talking all about communitarian law without ever saying the term. The right is as well trained as the left. Bipartisan crimes indeed. :

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