Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sustainable travel options

"Shock the wearer on demand!" Somebody linked our dialectic page to a forum discussing a perfectly crafted dialectical solution to terrorism and hijackings. People who really care about the planet should be the first to volunteer for this:


DHS-S&Tspokesman said...

Shocking, but False

Sometimes it just amazes me how these stories evolve. Let me start off by saying that the Department of Homeland Security’s Science & Technology Directorate nor TSA have been pursuing shock bracelets for airline passengers as alleged by the Washington Times Blog.

This allegation stemmed from a misleading video posted on the Lamberd Website which depicts an ID bracelet that would contain identifying information as well as the ability to stun the wearer. The company claims to connect use of such a device to DHS and TSA, but no discussions between these agencies has ever taken place.

This all originated from a meeting held two years ago with a private company representative (not Lamberd) who proposed bracelet technology in response to the TSA's desire to find less-than-lethal means to detain an apprehended suspect.

The bracelet was never intended to replace boarding passes, contain ID information or be worn by all passengers as asserted in the Lamberd video and discussed in the Washington Times Blog.

The hypothetical use of the bracelet would have been for transporting already apprehended prisoners and detainees at prisons and border patrol facilities, and DHS was looking to see if there were potential air travel applications for apprehended suspects.

This concept was never funded or supported by the DHS or TSA and hasn’t even been discussed for two years. The letter circulating throughout the blogosphere from Paul Ruwaldt was not addressed to Lamberd and merely states the DHS was interested in learning more about the technology. Neither side followed up.

DHS/TSA does NOT support the asserted use and has not pursued the development of such technology.

Bobby Garner said...

I haven't been on an airliner since the September attacks. I refuse to voluntarily submit myself to homeland security's harassment.

The wee little minds of those who are unable to comprehend how they will ever live without commercial air travel, will never be able to adjust to a sustainable community life anyway.

So go ahead, shock em!

Should I apologize for being so callus?
Will the saner ones who survive the great die-off mourn for those who were too ignorant to understand how it happened, and too stupid to ever look beyond their own selfish greed?

Sooner or later, we will need to leave them to their own devices.

the tent lady said...

I'm glad to hear from an official source that DHS has no plans to develop this particular technology. It's also amazing that somebody from DHS would take the time to post a rebuttal comment on my blog.

I used to spend a lot of time worrying about what might happen to my countrymen under LA21 laws. Can the representative from DHS also assure me the datagathering and volunteerism mandated under UN regional planning is also not part of their plans? That would be most reassuring.

S. said...

I'm suprised by the rebutal as well. I doubt they'll be reassuring us anytime soon about their data mining/mapping projects. I would take any reassurance as being naive anyhow. I agree with Bobby. People need to realize what is coming. In the story of Nebbuchadnezur (sp), ole Neb gets his was and implements global government. It is when he attempts to coerce everyone into a one world religion that God thwarts his plan.

Unfortunately, I think it will be the same this time around. We are living more and more under international law everyday. The time will come when 'they' feel comfortable to flaunt this fact. ...but when 'they' attempt to tell us how to pray, and who to pray too.... they will be designing their own electric chairs.