Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Camp Redington, gertee photos

Museum gertee at sunset & Chugach Mtns

Model gertee with full size roof!

Adding Iditarod momentos to the museum

6' camp shower gertee with solar heated water!

Miniature 20' model gertee fully furnished.
(I was going to put this on ebay but I just can't do it. Not only will it be a great tool for explaining how gertees are made if anyone ever stops, I made the entire frame and doors, both tables, the chair, the bench, the desk and modified the kitchen shelf... it has Catherine's teas in the bottles... how can I put a price on that?)

Water supply, wall tent, outhouse & shower gertee

Chugach Mtns behind Fred's gertee

Tim with "new" traps

book by Dean Wilson Sr., another local trapper

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