Friday, July 4, 2008

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for murder, by Vincent Bugliosi (reviewed by Devvy Kidd)

Devvy's latest articles posted at is a welcome siren in this anti communitarian's ears. Assuming the worst, I was delighted to learn Vincent Bugliosi's murder case against Bush et. al. is designed to be tried in a U.S. state court by a U.S. State Attorney General on behalf of American soldiers sent to die in wars of agression. Bugliosi doesn't suggest we try them after they leave public office at the International Court of Justice at the Hauge or in the International Criminal Court in Rome, but in the good ol' US of A... and that is great news with views!

I'd like to read his book now too, I know I was entranced with his story about Manson years ago (and I learned a lot about the American justice system from Helter Skelter). Devvy Kidd is one of the FEW American "news" writers who's well informed about communitarianism. I wonder how much Vincent Bugliosi knows about it; I bet he could make a fine case against Amitai Etzioni for high treason against these united States too.

Joan Veon's 4th of July article at newswithviews adds an interesting twist to the history of the international court by explaing the Jay Treaty of 1894:

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