Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Primitivwerks opens today!

Primitivwerks lounge/reading area.

Primitivwerks is officially open! We have a lot more to do around here yet but we can open the museum, showers and camp spots today. I don't expect any business since we haven't done any advertising, but now I have a daily routine and an office to work out of. I can get back to writing for the ACL while I'm "working." No matter what happens here now I'm confident I can complete our writing obligations by the end of the summer. My angst over the manifesto and Jack's book can finally be abated. Thank you both for your extreme paitence.

Had a great talk with Darren Weeks last night. He's doing a new radio show on Republic Broadcasting and was hoping I'd be a regular guest. The timing won't work for me though, it's live from 8am to 11am eastern time, making it 4am here. He wants to do a show with both me and Nancy Levant, who has been totally out of touch since last summer. She disappeared from the scene and hasn't published anything since. Darren says she's working on a rural farm and doesn't have internet access anymore. He also mentioned her name and article links has been removed from the newswithviews homepage. Something's very odd about this and I need to talk to her myself. I promised if she'll go on I'll get up and do that show.

My next article for distribution is going to be about the Irish voters' gut level rejection of the EU Lisbon Treaty. If you're Irish and have an opinion you'd like to share with me about the new European "constitution," I'd love to hear it! I can't wait to tell my buddies Patty and Jill Flanary that their feisty Irish relatives STOPPED the 2nd EU attempt to expand the global government dead in its tracks. (The French and Dutch stopped the first attempt in 2005). Of course that won't mean anything to them since the EU and the emerging synthesis aren't familiar subjects with working class Americans, but they'll be proud anyway.

PrimitivWerks' new office. The dogsled was used in the first Iditarod and was used by Steven Segall in his Alaska movie.

Museum display case of prehistoric wooly mammoth bones,
ivory tusks, king salmon, grizzly, sheep and lynx skulls.

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S. said...

Your camp looks great! I rememeber you said you were gonna be on the "information corner" show... did that ever pan out?

I have your current shows, (all that I could find) permenantly on my ipod so I can bring em up for a listen whenever I feel like it. I'm downloading a copy of Atlas Shrugged.... I've heard it talked about a lot... So I figured to give it a go. Primitave Werks looks like a place Johnny and I would love to check out. We are VERY close to getting this wheelchair to market. There is a company only an hour away who does titanium wheelchairs...and my wife's sister knows the marketing director. Talk about good luck! We are gonna have a meeting with him first, and then move on to bigger companies if that does not pan out.

Take it easy!