Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Creepy 'camera head' project a reaction to Seattle surveillance cameras

Maybe it's time I quit thinking of myself as an "alternative" journalist and replace that with a term I always thought meant a super talented person who creates cool things to look at.

Most artists insist on thinking outside the box, so I'd fit in there. Our culture allows them their odd lifestyles because, well, they're artists. I've never considered myself an artist, nobody ever saw me as one either, and so I was never allowed to be odd in peace. I've spent almost a decade defending my right to pursue my own path. But, I actually thought it was required of me that I approach this research with the utmost seriousness, and I stuck to just the boring facts.

When I tried to alert people in Seattle to the Rooming & Boarding House agenda, the community cop's agenda and the Seattle COMPASS program, I passed out thousands of "news" flyers to everyone from my neighbors to the news desk at the Seattle Times to the Hempfest crowd. As far as I know, not one person in Seattle besides Nancy Rising ever followed up on it. I've written hundreds of articles since then, built a huge research website, and while I know my reporting has helped more than a few people to lift the veil and read between the lines, it's still too weird for most people since they cannot understand the language of the new bureaucrats which is included in everything I write. There are thousands of writers who can reach readers.. but the question always is, how can we reach the people who don't read?

I get a lot of letters from people asking what we can do to alert the "sheeple." Maybe if we didn't think of our neighbors in the same terms the globalists do, we might come up with our own ideas to alert our neighbors and nation to the dangerous new system supplanting our constitutional government. Maybe it's time we looked in our own hearts and minds for our own answers.

America is a visual country, our people are trained to be entertained. Here's what happens when street theater shares the stage with Big Mother:


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right_writes said...

There is more to come...

Here in the UK, we have a camera trained on us permanently... (well it feels like that anyway!).

Seriously, there are few public places that do not have cameras everywhere. So much so, that we are likely to comment if there aren't any around, we were at a little coastal village earlier this week, and it was immediately apparent that we weren't being watched.