Thursday, July 24, 2008

No sign of global warming in Alaska!

Global cooling and a new ice age is a lot more believable. Keeping in step with much of the rest of the US, this has been the worst summer anyone here can remember. We've had high winds and rain for almost 2 months solid, and most mornings the temp inside gertee is around 44 degrees f (much like a Seattle winter). I've had to keep a fire going almost every day, not a roaring fire like in winter, but I had anticipated not needing a fire much except on a few cold mornings. I also thought I'd be getting wood stacked and ready for winter when instead I use it as fast as I can haul and cut it. I've heard several people exclaim, "this is the worst winter, I mean summer, I've ever seen!" Last night the clouds looked very strange; there were long, straight lines of breaks between them where the midnight sun could just barely be seen peeking through. I've had to fully insulate the summer gertee in order to keep it livable, and the museum stays so cold I can't be in here for long unless I wear longjohns and a big coat.

The only good part is it's too cold for the hornets and wasps and we've only had a couple short waves of noseeums (tiny, tiny horrible little mosquitos). And I finally got to see how the museum gertee walls react to a huge gust of wind. It sits alone without any trees to break it, and when I heard it coming I cringed and waited with baited breath. It hit the northeast wall and rippled around to the middle, moving the khana like a wave, and then it was gone. Both roof covers have stayed on with just a few extra ropes lashed over the tops and a bunch of extra staples. So if I was unsure about the 20 footer "blowing over" I'm confident now that it won't.

The dipnettters on the Copper River are finally getting fish, 2 months overdue! The wheels are still slow. Most locals think the big floods 2 years ago affected the salmon runs. Crops have been ruined across the state, and with what happened in the midwest, food prices and availablity will certainly become more of an issue. I'm going to have to learn to can fish and hunt this year, we might just need a caribou and a moose to make it through the "real" winter.

Are there plans to start charging us for every website we visit? Here's an interesting Canadian opinion:


Bobby Garner said...

The 2010-2012 time frame sound about right according to my calculations. The people who are controlling these things believe the 2012 date to be absolutely crucial, because the Magick they depend on will be diminishing after that date. The Mayan calendar and the one in 26000 year event of the Galactic crossing mark this time. I believe that's why Al Gore launched his green revolution venture in late 2007 at the valley in the sunspot cycle and he is counting on it climbing toward its peak again on its usual 11 year cycle as we approach 2012. Sunspot activity has failed so far to begin increasing as expected, and some scientists are saying that present global temps following last years .7 degree C global cooling sets global warming back to 1930. If the sunspots don't return on Gore's schedule, there will be no magick powerful enough to make their Plan work.

So, let us pray for another ice age, and maybe move south lest it actually happens.

There is a large body of evidence that the onset of an ice age happens very suddenly like perhaps over night. You will not dig out from an overnight 40 foot snowfall before your oxygen runs out.

Bobby Garner said...

"Most scientists figured the transition time from icy to warm was gradual, lasting dozens to hundreds of years, and nobody was sure exactly what had caused it. (Variations in solar radiation were suspected, as were volcanic activity, along with early theories about the Great Conveyor Belt, which, until recently, was a poorly understood phenomenon.)

"Looking at the ice cores, however, scientists were shocked to discover that the transitions from ice age-like weather to contemporary-type weather usually took only two or three years. Something was flipping the weather of the planet back and forth with a rapidity that was startling.

"It turns out that the ice age versus temperate weather patterns weren't part of a smooth and linear process, like a dimmer slider for an overhead light bulb. They are part of a delicately balanced teeter-totter, which can exist in one state or the other, but transits through the middle stage almost overnight. They more resemble a light switch, which is off as you gradually and slowly lift it, until it hits a mid-point threshold or "breakover point" where suddenly the state is flipped from off to on and the light comes on..." - How Global Warming May Cause the Next Ice Age

"The most recent ice age would appear to have come on suddenly about 35,000 years ago. No only are the whole remains of numerous species of animals and plants found frozen in the permafrost, the recently discovered intact whole mammoth found in Siberia had frozen 35,000-year-old green foliage clinging to its fur. An ice age not only would appear to have come on very suddenly, it would appear to have come on during a summer-like season. ..." - An Ice Age From Global Warming

"The gigantic quadrupeds, the Mastodons, Elephants, Tigers, Lions, Hyenas, Bears, whose remains are found in Europe from its southern promotories to the northernmost limits of Siberia and Scandinavia...may indeed be said to have possessed the earth in those days. But their reign was over. A sudden intense winter, that was also to last for ages, fell upon our globe; it spread over the very countries where these tropical animals had their homes, and so suddenly did it come upon them that they were embalmed beneath masses of snow and ice, without time even for the decay which follows death." (Agassiz, 1866, p. 208)

"In 1901 a quick-frozen mammoth was found in Beresovka, Siberia, so well preserved that its eyeballs were fully intact. It still had buttercups in its mouth and the content of its stomach indicated that it had been eating temperate-zone plants, no longer growing in that area. R.S. Lull, Director of the Peabody Museum at Yale, reports the discovery in his book "Organic Evolution", confirming that: '...a fractured hip and fore limb, a great mass of clotted blood in the chest, and unswallowed grass between the clenched teeth, all point to the violence and suddenness of its passing.'" - THE EARTH RE-BORN

"Though the ground is frozen for 1,900 feet down from the surface at Prudhoe Bay, everywhere the oil companies drilled round this area they discovered an ancient tropical forest. It was in frozen state, not in petrified state. It is etween 1,100 and 1,700 feet down. There are palm trees, pine trees, and tropical foliage in great profusion." - Frozen Mammoths

the tent lady said...

Global Warming is another area where I haven't even begun to study, and it may turn out to be the only one this Alaskan should! It's not hard to see how the warming theory is part of the plan to micromanage the planet, and anything endorsed by Gore and the EarthFirsters is highly suspect based on their communitarian principles. But the idea of a tropical forest under Prudoe is fascinating and so bizarre I can't wait to read more. That means the earth had to be in a different tilt, doesn't it? I know a couple people who have read up on Planet X theories and I have come to believe that we have been lied to about the history of earth. Not outright lies, but the sneaky 95% truth lies that leave out the most important facts. I just read Kon Tiki, the story of the Norwegians who crossed the Pacific in a raft, and found it most interesting that the scientific community still teaches us the old theory based on their lie that people could not cross the oceans prior to the Middle Ages. It's like what Norman Cantor explained in Reinventing the Middle Ages, the communitarians have rewritten the past to conform to their vision for our future.

We have a wooly mammouth thigh bone and shoulder blade in our museum, about 6 feet long sitting next to each other. I'm thinking maybe we should start digging here, and see what else we can find.

Anonymous said...

I can FEEL the next ice age coming. Get the hell out of AK! You're nuts for living up there. That's worse than NYC, as far as being dependent on infrastructure.

the tent lady said...

I'll be on the next flight out. :)

Bobby Garner said...

All of the Planet X stories circulating on the Internet are traceable to the Zeta Talk Website of Nancy Lieder.

Some others of apparently sound mind have evolved their own theories, some of which sound pretty good actually. Planet X has been a staple of discourse among the witches, warlocks, and magicians acting as "agents" and posting on the Rumor Mill News Website for years.

In my opinion, its simply a continuation of the Orson Welles 1938 Mercury Theater of the absurd alien invasion.

The idea of changes in the orientation of the earth's axis, is even more absurd when we take into consideration the underlying principles governing such rotating objects as flywheels, gyroscopes and planets. A rotating mass stubbornly resists movement of its axis, especially if that mass is the size of the earth.

In the case of planets, I believe LaRouche is correct in defending Kepler with the correct explanation of their movement along lines of least resistance with perfect efficiency and in clockwork precision. The dynamic forces which control and regulate their movement is very powerful, but its at least as stable, precise and efficient as the movement itself. No controlled action can be more precise that the precision of the controller.

And then we have these assurances: "For so says Jehovah, Creator of the heavens; He is God, forming the earth and making it; He makes it stand, not creating it empty, but forming it to be lived in." (Isaih 45:18. "He founded the earth on its foundations; it shall not be shaken forever and ever." (Psalms 104:5.

The planets acting with much greater accuracy than the most expensive gyroscopes used in guidance systems of aircraft and rockets is in no danger of being moved from its foundations or deflected from its prescribed course.

The evidence of tropical conditions in northern regions should be understood as a natural condition under normal changes associated with the ice age cycles. One theory is that heavy cloud cover over the entire surface would constitute the real greenhouse effect, and moderate temperatures would be equalized all over the earth. Ocean levels would be very much lower and there is evidence of that.

Then when it flips back the other way, it could rain for forty days and forty nights (Gen. 7), very quickly exposing the polar regions to very extreme cold.

However, there could be unknown factors influencing the action.