Sunday, June 29, 2008

Common Purpose in the UK, continued

This is part of an email exchange with Martin from England. He does a great job of describing the nature of communitarian governance. In England it's known as Common Purpose.

Dear Niki,

Thank you for your reply concerning the 'Communitarians'.

The same structures and mechanisms exist here in England, although with different names. They share the same insidious, clandestine sub-agendas and have the same goals. As where you live, people's lives are badly affected.

Social engineering and mind manipulation are the tools of the evangelicals. As such they are the ideal, ready-made tools for exploiting the people. In addition, radicalising faiths have been infiltrated as part of the wider government remit of Control or Destroy, where the assumption is that anything that resists the government agenda must be an enemy.

In the UK, faith-based organisations that toe the party line are rewarded with grant money, control of social re-engineering projects, and given much public hubris and kudos. There is no benefit to the people, of course, and much of the money goes missing along the line.

What I have found particularly disturbing is that, whatever religion is used to impose government will, the practitioners ( aka puppets ) discard all the benelovent tenets of their respective faiths and change from being genuine, happy, nice people to hypocritical, cruel and disturbed people. Yet, even though such puppets are expendable, they still follow the cash.

I am not talking about small amounts of money here, the erstwhile hidden agenda costs literally billions to set up, maintain and deliver. In the UK the 'project' is dependent upon fraud and corruption for its finances.

At the set-up phases of these multi-million pound community plans local 'leaders' are selected to represent that community, and then formed into a group that is falsely given representative status so as to exert influence, interest and control far beyond any legitmacy. The churches participate in this deception, although the common purpose beind the selection process is top-down control.

What is happening is the creation and maintenance of an illusion of citizen participation and democracy, whilst central control is ever-strengthened. This does not come cheap.

The reason that I was asking about the Mormons in particular is becasue they have upped their game recently in the UK, at least locally. This is not something sinister when taken in isolation. However, when taken in the context of where they are targeting, who they are targeting, the timing of their targeting, and the local demographics, it would make sense to employ the services of a group that trains its followers in persuasion techniques.

The religion part becomes an irrelevance. The areas chosen are where vast sums of 'regeneration'money are targeted. In the UK, this means that poor people are moved out of otherwise nice areas for developers to turn the land into exclusive estates for the rich. The people being targeted are those who would most likely to oppose the agenda, i.e. those disaffected and disappointed, who would later become a problem. What we are seeing is that, as part of a wider agenda, the government is contracting the expert services of the faiths to deliver social control - and if they collect any converts, that would be a bonus.

The 'faith industry' is not the only delivery sector, the 'charity' and 'community' sectors have been similarly hijacked.

An as yet unnamed elite, lawless organisation is actually running the country by stealth, in effect a silent insurrection from within. The control must be total, absolute, and lead top-down from the centre. What and who cannot be controlled must be destroyed by nulabor.

Meanwhile, it is daily reported how our leaders lie, cheat, steal, bully and abuse, yet there is a reticence - for fear of retribution - to using the appropriate description - institutionalised corruption - that has repeatedly, relentlessly, ruthlessly, systematically and cynically destroyed the lives of anyone arbitrarily deemed to be a potential threat.

This nulabor government is corrupt. The nulabor corruption is absolute, lead from the top down, imposed through all tiers of social and government control, down to street level. Being rotten to the core and from the core, everything it touches it taints. Having neither the ability nor inclination to correct itself, outside intervention is indicated.

In effect, the government has decalred war upon its citizens. The country's rulers have become the enemy of the state. Although it was several hundred years ago that this situation last arose in England, it would appear that the bloody lesson has not been learned - or perhaps it has, hence the need for secrecy and absolute control.

The unnamed elite is sometimes referred to as 'Common Purpose' - a UK-created tool that now extends to a pan-european platform. I believe that 'Common Purpose', in its turn, is controlled by a higher elite. Please let me know if you would like details of this group, as I am sure that we will find many points of synergy.

You are so right to mention about communication being vital. In the UK, control of the flow of information has been a priority for the elite cadre that is really running the country whilst bypassing government institutions and the judiciary. The same principle of Control or Destory applies, where those involved with simply telling the truth are branded as traitors, seditious, insurrectionists, dangerous, etc. Locally at least, indepedent publications were either targeted for control, sabotaged, or swamped with local government propaganda. Even groups of people simply talking to each other outside of government control results in top-down abuses of participating citizens.


As one of those involved with telling the truth about the new government here in the free USA, I can verify that we are branded exactly the same way as truthseekers in England. As one of my neighbors (who stops by occassionally to have me do things for her) recently said, "Oh stop it, nothing bad is happening to America, you're just paranoid. Can we talk about something more fun .. like my idea! I want you to write me an application for a government grant." She couldn't understand why I won't help her go after all that "free money." Now I'm being attacked for refusing to help people apply for communitarian funding. This is from the same lady who excitedly told me all about the "new" community cop in Chitina and the new police roadblocks and police stalking going on. I was trying to explain why it's happening when she cut me off. Gee, think I should write her grant proposal? Oh yeah, she needs it for free too, because "idealistic" Americans don't think they have to pay for anything I do for them. As brainwashed global communitarians, my people think I should "help" them because I know how. Each according to his need and all that lofty Marxist crap really means the new right to steal my brain, waste my time and discount the years I spent studying and writing as "boring." I should be using my free time to help the communitarians take over my neighborhood. Oh... okay.

"Who is John Galt?"


Stop Common Purpose said...

"I believe that 'Common Purpose', in its turn, is controlled by a higher elite."

There is a strong connection between Common Purpose and the Tavistock Institute:

the tent lady said...

I believe Bobby Garner has also researched the Tavistock Institute, while I have not. There appear to be many such elite institutes that promote the global green agenda and the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies at GWU is definitely only one of them. There sheer number is the biggest problem with trying to put all the pieces together and get a glimpse of the "bigger picture." I made five level charts that extended 12 feet just to show the Dawson attorneys the exact origins for Israeli trained federal cops acting as health inspectors. Their job was to break down the "identified barrier" called the 4th Amendment.

Maybe someone here will follow up and this and bring us all into the loop. What about the Aspen Institute? I hear that name a lot too.

By the way, I'm delighted to have found a connection to like-minded researchers in the UK, and I'm honored to have your comments on my blog. I just learned from another English site that this 4th of July is an international day of protest against the global takeover of every nation. I wish more Americans understood this is not just happening here, it's everywhere. I'll try to stage a little protest our here with my big huge flag.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Haven't come across the Aspen Institute. Will bear the name in mind.

Bobby Garner said...

The Aspen Institute was a key player in the the Grand Chessboard scheme to overthrow the Shah of Iran to prevent it from becoming a modern industrial power. "In the behind-the-scenes discussions, at a symposium held by the Aspen Institute in Persepolis, Iran, in 1975, as described Robert Dreyfuss, “plans for reversing the Shah’s industrialization program and for turning Iran into a model dark ages regime were mapped out... Mary Catherine Bateson, daughter of Aquarian conspirator Gregory Bateson, taught at Damavand College in Teheran, where she was a critical participant in this strategy, sowing the seeds of “antimaterialist” rebellion among the youth of Iran.”

We can easily recognize the connections between the early New Age Movement and what we now know as communitarianism, which is a modern form of tribalism where managed guru's will determine the conditions of our existence.

I haven't studied the Tavistock Institute, but it is widely seen as a key factor in shaping the course of history and leading us to this point. Everything is interconnected at some point, but I don't feel justified in spending too much time chasing down all the links. We should be more concerned with exposing the methods whereby they seek to make the people (including those of us who oppose them) complicit in their crime. They are very good at it and most people don't have a clue.