Monday, January 7, 2008

End of the Trails?

It's been staying right around 12 below zero f. so we're getting a lot accomplished inside lately. We sleep in shifts so gertee stays toasty warm. The RadiantGuard is coming in so handy for keeping the heat contained and away from the bed and kitchen that I'm going to send pics and a testimonial to the company. This stuff is so amazing...all we do is hang a sheet between us and the fire and it cools you down immediately. I wrapped myself in it when cooking over a hot fire the other day, kind of in a joking manner, but now I'm sewing a heat-resistant apron out of it. Best of all it blocks the heat from my new loft sleeping area, and without it I couldn't sleep up there, it's suffocatingly hot near the roof. Now my bed looks like a tin-foil sci-fi bed.. hehe.

"2020" is about ready for printing and the additions are even better than we'd hoped. Because the new Canadian perspective from Paul Barnes is so compelling and detailed, we're discussing soliciting "2020" stories from people all over the U.S. and abroad. Nord's seeing it as a growing people's testimonial to the many ways comunitarianism can be applied locally, and a way for everyone to have a "voice." I think that might be a new book altogether, but maybe she's right. We once wished we had time to share everyone's stories... and now maybe we can.

For example, Granted Right sent me this article in the Southern Oregon Mail Tribune:

"Commissioner recommends ban of off-road vehicles from five Southern Oregon areas"

GrantedRght's comment to the above article is thus:
Date: 2008-01-04T23:25:10

"Oh dear fellow free Americans, have you not taken a close listen on the video link provided earlier by ViralNewsGroup, comment 117? In case you missed it, here is the link, the video called BLM TERROR.

Believing all the intentional misinformation and deception coming from its literature and BLM employees, the change agents using the Hegelian dialectic process of Problem, Reaction, Solution to facilitated illegal compromise, you all are looking at losing everything. And if you believe the BLM, there’s nothing you can do about that.

By these methods, which keep us ignorant, they are getting away with stealing our land.

We are not talking about BLM or Forest Service Lands. Such lands do not exist. This is the land of the people, not of the agencies. The agencies such as the BLM and Forest Service, mere grounds keepers/gardeners of the peoples land, are pitting the many people against each other. And while you all are busy fuss’n an fight’n they’ll be stealing everyone’s Congressional Granted Right of access; the Congressional Granted Right of access to YOUR lands.

Let me explain what has been done by the ruthless BLM terrorists in Josephine County with just one area, amoung many, called Stratton Creek, starting at where Stratton Creek enters the Rogue River. For years people not only lived in homes on this far bank of the river but also established and enjoyed, through the Granted Right of access, the interconnecting roads and path ways between structures and to and from the river. This right of way is measured by many miles. But with the Wild & Scenic River Act designation placed on the river and the misapplied intent of this act, which was to prohibit the creation of obstruction or “dams” upon the river, and to keep the river free and open, the BLM used the ignorance it promoted of the actual law stated in the Act to run people off that section of land and their structures were demolished, leaving little trace of their existence. But for the most part the interconnecting roads and pathways, what the courts have defined as “highways”, were left alone to be accessed by miners, loggers, hunters, fishers, horse riders, hikers, explorers, etc. After a while, for so called concerns of environmental degradation, those that were enjoying access by automobiles were no longer permitted. With this was also taken handicap accessibility. Then the next victim of agency Closure Agenda was quads and motorcycles. Then horse access suffered the Closure Agenda axe closely followed in the prohibition of bicycles. Now, as ViralNewsGroup describes “Ginormous,” piles of debris obliterate the long established right of ways, placed there by the BLM, to obstruct and foreclose any remaining safe access. Pictures taken last week of the same area where the BLM Terror video shows signs stating Open For Horse and Foot Travel Permitted are now posted CLOSED and are purposely heavily and dangerously obstructed with entanglements and sharp, hard, and slippery, pointed objects and tending to be mechanically constructed ladder fuel conduits to fire enhancement and at the same time obstructions to fire suppression; Violating the health, safety, and welfare of not only the people but of the forest.

There is no authority for such a closure but while the Horse people were arguing against the motorcycles and the hikers were complaining about the bicyclist, the cowardly BLM stealthily took the access from everyone. And additionally, the BLM attacked someone trying to remove its illegally placed hazards to drive the point home. Watch the video, listen carefully. Seems to Me the BLM message is, “It ain’t your land no more, we control it, now get off OUR land.” And not unlike an episode of the television show Unsolved Mysteries, where the unscrupulous gardener manipulates the owner to relinquish control over the property, convincing the owner to move into the basement and allowing his movement about the house and grounds, now, only by the gardener’s permission, government agency offers the same “service”. The Indians know this fact all too well, as evidenced in the movie Wounded Knee and elsewhere. And this is what Gilmore is proposing. This is what the article, End of The Trails? by Damian Mann exposes.

So here is how it’s done. Get some government agent, such as Gilmore, to exaggerate a problem, (real or CONtrived), get people to react in protection of their interest, then implement a ‘predetermined’ solution promoted as compromise. The attitude appears, if people cannot enjoy the area in harmony we, the BLM, will just have to close the area to all, we don’t care about your stinking rights. Problem, Reaction, Solution. And history shows, the thing is, those that once enjoyed the areas for its diversity are compromised (Dialectic Process) right out of ever being able to access it again with out being criminal. That includes even the nature watchers in all of us. This is their modus operandi. And it is being done ALL across the nation. People, you need to look up Agenda 21, U.N. Earth Charter, Mikhail Gorbachev’s Presidio Trust properties, his new Green religion therefrom, and the U.N. (Communist organization) agenda, the public-private partnership, for corralling the populace into the cities, with a goal of removing all rural area structures, roads and entries; All the time using the excuse of letting mother earth heal from the evil human’s destructive hands. The process is in place and being implemented right now. Agency land takings thefts are happening already. Like professional pick-pockets, they have this technique mastered.

Like the proverbial camel, once these agencies get a nose in the tent, so to speak, they will not stop until they have completely entered, eating your food, breaking your furniture and sleeping in your bed.

Now, you can start talking on-point, identifying the law you are denied and fixing that problem first or you can quibble about irrelevant things keeping pointless, gabbing conversation with those who are either ignorant, absolutely, or are the change agents, such as Gilmore, and Abbie Jossie keeping your attention on unimportant things as their comrades steal your land.

It is that simple.

The law states the public domain is free and open. This grant of access is not negotiable. How ‘bout we start there? And if you don’t like that grant of right as a matter of law you need to move away from the places where accessing public domain is lawful.

For those of you people thinking you enjoy any right of access unfettered by government theft you better start organizing to stop its agents from presuming the land is theirs and incrementally stealing what is actually yours.

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