Friday, January 25, 2008

Books are finished!

We found a good printer and 2020: Our Common Destiny orders will go out on Monday. Thank you all for your patience. We really appreciate it. Nordica designed a great new cover and we're ready to market it like a "real" book now. Look for it on

Bear on bed. This one was terrorizing my friends up on the Steese Hwy back in 1982.

Willow Lake, Alaska, looking toward the Wrangell Mtns

Glenn Hwy going towards Anchorage.

Visiting birds.


S. said...

Im exited! I figured the reason you had not posted was because the books were nearly ready.

I look forward to reading it as soon as I get it, and hopefully sharing it with others who are interested.

It's been cold here. It must be totally freezing there!

Thank you ladies for your hard work.

the tent lady said...

I can't wait for you to see it too, because it reads much better now and Nord's new cover art makes it feel like a real book. We have to wait til the end of the week for them to ship them here, then we'll be mailing them out.

It's 25 below right now.. good to be home but back to feeding the fire all night long. It's colder here than Anch. It was light out until almost 6pm tonight so we're gaining daylight and it means spring is just around the corner. Of course we'll still have snow through April but we'll think 50 above is warm out.

Thanks for all your supportive comments! stay warm!