Saturday, January 12, 2008

Common Purpose in the UK

Jeff Rense just sent me a link to an online video:

My dialup makes Youtube and other videos almost impossible for me. Would someone watch it and give me a summary? Does he mention any names I might be familiar with?

The speaker in the video is Brian Garrish, he's speaking about a group called Common Purpose. Bobby Garner has sent me information about them in the past, trying to find his references in my mail. Anyway, for others who can't download viseos, here's a small 2 page pdf file of an article posted by David Noakes at, a site I recently found, cited in a post about Britain losing its freedom; I then added it to my blog under Local to Global International.

I wonder if any American researchers have identified the U.S. participants involved in changing the U.S. government in preparation for a "post democratic era." This is exactly the kind of information we are including for other countries in 2020. Paul Barnes' Canadian 2020 Perspective will be of great assistance to Canadian readers. Only locals can be this familiar with all the names and organizations operating in their home states. Maybe only locals are interested in knowing all the names... but what Noakes does with this piece is show how obvious the connections are between the people involved in furthering the ultimate goal. Identifying the players is KEY.

Michael Tsarion
posted mp3 links to the interview I did with Rense back in March 2007; I added the links under Radio Interviews.


S. said...


I watched about 40 minutes of the Brian Garrish video, and what I could glean from the part I saw, was that a group called "Common Purpose" was working in England, infiltrating all aspects of society i.e. councils, police depts, city works/politics etc, was working to enlist and influence everyone with thier ajenda, which was of course what we would call "sustainable development", communitarianism, local ajenda 21 and so on.

Mr. Garrish exposes how they claim to not be working on their "common purpose" ajenda during the working hours of their public jobs, but when he provides documentation they have to change their tune and admit that they were/are in fact using their paid public positions to recruit/promote "common purpose". He also forces them to admitt that the government is in finacial support of their group.

He claims that when he first started to fight and expose them that he recieved threats, including death threats, and had strange things happening in response to his expose.

I may find time to watch the rest of the video, and if there is any more pertinent information I'll let you know!



the tent lady said...

Thanks S,

I've got a couple responses now that are very helpful and I accidentally deleted one that was left on here. One woman from England wrote who has been studying at the ACL and is learning now about Common Purpose. I am looking for the best way to share her information. I have to write Bobby Garner because I know he found this a while back, maybe he knows more about how it's used here or in other countries besides England. Adding her to my list of people I like-

Stop Common Purpose said...

Common Purpose is a corrupt and evil organisation and must be stopped: