Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vote fraud in NH primary - is it a diversion?

GerTeeville, January 9, 2008

We know the game plan well enough now to wonder at their more "obvious" mistakes. I just don't think anything like this happens because they don't want anyone to find out about it. Election fraud has dominated the process for years, and one of the early promoters of election reform was Terry Hayfield, a fusionist-John Bircher whom I had the extreme displeasure of running into at lru before his whole borg was toaded from Wood's site. I have to wonder what purpose all this "exposure" of corruption serves in furthering the ultimate synthesis.

I am re-considering the position taken by the Alaskan Independence Party. In light of what's going on with the Lakota Nation and other tribal people (who I have spent many happy moments with), I can see indigenous people are obviously moving into another level of the globalists' game. I was so dissapointed in the Lakotas for citing U.N. law. It looked like they were being set-up to grant further authority to the International Court of Justice. I was even more dissapointed when I read Joe Vogler's legal brief that also cited U.N. law and granted expanded authority OVER the U.S. government to the International Court. It broke my heart to see people I loved and admired since I was a teenager take actions that I felt would assist the communitarians to steal our land and take control over the lives of ALL our people. But last night I had a conversation that gave me a different view of the Alaskan IP. And maybe the Lakota Nation will consider an alliance or a new trade union with Alaska and maybe parts of Canada want to form a new trading authority that doesn't fit into the UN regional maps ALREADY designated for us. Maybe the only thing left to do is get out of the union..legally of course... and what a fun time I will have looking for documents that prove "any people who delcare independence from an empire, whose borders do not touch the motherland can ask for UN troop protection when they withdraw their membership from the empire." Supposedly this is what happened when Pakistan became a sovereign state... I will surely check out my friends' allegation that it was the US government who used this law to send military assistance. He wondered what it would be like if the U.S. had to provide the UN with troops to protect Alaskan borders from U.S. troops. We had a good laugh over that visual.

If we are forced to concede that U.N. law, as practiced by the U.S. government, is supreme law, then why not use it to take back our lands? The AK IP has a very clear mission statement that warrants a closer inspection. What if Alaskans have legal redress before the U.N. court to have a statewide re-vote over statehood? If the vote in 1958 really was turned because the U.S. military was granted the "right" to vote and were given the day off to do so, then would that be considered election fraud? A very nice suprise is the Fbks chair is a woman I knew back in the 70s.

John D. forwarded a copy of Presidential Candidate Congressman Ron Paul speaking on HR 1955, the Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (now in the Senate S 1959), I particularly like this:

"In addition, this legislation will create a Department of Homeland Security-established university-based body to further study radicalization and to contribute to the establishment of training, written materials, information, analytical assistance and professional resources to aid in combating violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism. I wonder whether this is really a legitimate role for institutes of higher learning in a free society."

I still find myself wishing Ron Paul were an open anti-communitarian.

William Shirer wrote about mandatory state curriculums in his bestselling book, "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich." Apparently the NAZIs rewrote everything to fit propaganda, even mathematical principles. Teachers who did not teach the "new" math and sciences were assigned elsewhere. Guess how many German academics agreed to teach German sciences, in spite of their knowing it was ALL a lie? Here's a hint: 95% of German voters registered as NAZIS by the end of the war... seems you couldn't get a job without it.

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