Thursday, January 3, 2008

More on Dr. Ron Paul for President

"Economic issues were what first motivated me to run for Congress back in 1976." Dr. Ron Paul

Why does Dr. Paul speak so openly about the IRS, WTO, NAFTA, and CAFTA, and yet remain so silent about the UN Local Agenda 21 programme for economic and sustainable development?

It just doesn't make any sense how he could know so much about financial scams that rob us of our economic freedom and still be ignorant of the fully published, legally adopted "Re-building America" plans that implement the UN LA-21 scam across the USA (and the entire world).

Some will say he doesn't want to sound like a wacko... but the NAU has been dismissed as a "conspiracy" by President Bush. The NAU has already been designated a conspiracy topic relegated to the Alex Jones crowd, and Ron Paul has no trouble discussing it, does he? In most of the active online anti-NAU groups, there is a suspicious silence about the much larger, global documents that already control all the land, people, and resources in the former United States.

The 1992 Earth Summit and the adoption of UN Local Agenda 21 by all member states is the key to understanding why Americans live under a NEW standard of law. We've already changed into a global communitarian state that protects the community over the individual. Dr. Paul addresses none of this, not even in his writings on independence and sovereignty:

Devvy's latest article at newswithviews gives me some insight into the primary obstacles to getting Ron Paul elected. It's a great article, but it doesn't answer any of my questions:


By: Devvy, January 3, 2008

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When I have time I'm going to check Paul's voting records on the critical legislation that helped local officials bring Local Agenda 21 Plans into our neighborhoods in 1999, namely the Violent Crime Act of 1994 (which established funds for 100,000 community COPS and Problem Solving Partnerships) and the Domestic Violence Act of 1995 (which established "reporting" principles for emergency workers who witnessed life-threatening things while inside private homes).

LA-21 was introduced by state legislatures as "Smart Growth," and it's been 100% successful. Maybe one of you would do this for me... I'm really curious to know if these programs were even adopted while he was a member of Congress (I remember he retired for a few years).

It's not that I don't want to support Ron Paul for President in 2008, nor that I don't appreciate his efforts to highlight some key covert communitarian actions over the last century, but if I am to support him, I have to answer these questions, many which should already be answered. Can anyone find Paul speaking on UN Local Agenda 21 Programme or on Comunity Oriented Policing Services (COPS, closely affiliated with HUD's Weed&Seed)? This would help me a lot.


S. said...

Ron Paul is not ignorant,he knows more than he shows. His unquestionably aware of Communitarian policies, as well as suspicious things like 9/11.

He has huge support from the false patriot community. If Alex Jones was promoting anything I did I would have a biker gang to encourage him to stop! The type of suppor Dr. Paul gets looks great, but just below the surface, it is highly suspicious.

I think they needed somthing to bait people who THINK TOO MUCH back into the false system.

Dr. Paul is encouraging people to use somthing similar to the gold standard. Eliminating the Federal Reserve and IRS, and then using a gold standard, would be the same as refusing to work with Al Capone, and then taking your business across the street to Myer Lansky and Murder Inc. I love how Dr. Paul appears to have such support...and I'm encouraged when I watch his videos...but he's been a politician from TEXAS for more than a decade, and that should not be somthing we overlook. Texas is a black heart of corruption in this country. I even wrote a song making fun of the whole state for that reason. Jackie Patru had a great broadcast on why Paul aint so great. Look it up people! Your being FOOLED once again.

the tent lady said...

Thanks s, a couple of people have emailed me about this post, they've looked for references of RP talking about Agenda 21 and apparently there is nothing available on the topic. I know Chris Gerner, Darren Weeks and Jackie Patru all looked up RPs voting record and were very concerned about how he voted to include China in U.S. trade agreements. Is that information in Jackie's show?

I don't have the right system to listen to anyone's radio shows, but maybe one of them plans on writing an article using their finds.

There's an interview coming up with RP on Tai's EXPAT show January 12, 2008. Maybe Tai will ask RP about Agenda 21!

And I know folks from everyplace in the country who wear the same heart they have in Texas.. although Texas seems to have a much bigger heart.

S. said...

I agree, blackhearts are everywhere, but maybe some souls in texas are just a bit more proud of theirs... :D

I do believe Jackie Patru addresses the China trade vote is in the interview, here is the link:

I only listened to this broadcast once, but Jackie makes uses her common sense reasoning to make a strong case against Dr. Paul.

Like I said, on his face, I love Ron Paul...but of course I have that problem of looking below the surface!

P.S. Niki, have you seen these Fresnel lenses?