Friday, November 2, 2007

GerTee gets an arctic entryway

GerTee has an arctic entryway! It's not finished yet, but it won't cave in, for sure. I used a clear plastic garbage bag to cover the wall in front of the door so we could still get the light, for as long as it lasts anyway. We're losing more daylight every day. But there's NO snow and it's been above freezing!!!!

The weather has been so nice I've managed to finish a couple outside projects that I was sure would be left undone until next spring. Put up another cheap, thin rooftarp after the high windstorm came and showed me how badly it was needed. I am SO glad I bought a chainsaw. It changed my world.

Daniel cleared a spot and laid down a gravel foundation for their GerTee, but he decided it would be easier for him to build a cabin because he just knows how to do it already and can get one up quickly. His wife is so excited he's finally getting to build her a house! We're all very lucky my lease allows me to do whatever I want with the property. The reason they moved to Alaska was because New Hampshire is totally controlled by communitarians. Most places in the U.S. assume Americans can't build without the government's permission. Thank goodness there's no local (international) government planning agencies with any power here... yet.We're building a new online shopping mall: PrimitivWerks at

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