Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cooking bread on top of a woodstove

The Cameron Stovetop Smoker bakes bread.
So do Stoneware bowls with lids.

Fitting it all on the stovetop was a challenge.

making the dough
The dough was based on what I could remember about a recipie I used to use a lot in Seattle.

3 cups warm water,
palmful of yeast,
wait 10 minutes,
add some raw sugar,
dash salt,
few shakes of cinnamon,
dried milk,
olive oil,
cup of uncooked oats.
6 cups white flour mixed in slowly
until it comes off the sides of the mixing bowl.
pour olive oil on top of ball,
roll it over in bowl,
cover, let rise til double in size.
punch down,
knead 5 minutes, add more flour
add more oil,
roll over,
let rise again til double in size,
punch down,
add more flour and lightly knead.
separate dough into 5 equal balls.
grease all baking pans lightly with Crisco.

making the bread dishes

cinnamon rolls
smash down one ball with heels of hands,
cover with apricot jam, cinnamon, and raisens,
roll into a pinwheel tube, slice,
lay out on baking sheet and bake 55 minutes.

put one loaf in bread pan, let rise
put one loaf in a stoneware jug with lid, let rise
one loaf in another stoneware bowl with lid, let rise
times varied, approximately one hour each.

garlic bread
slice one ball into thin pieces, lay on baking sheet.
top with garlic chunks, onions, basil and olive oil.

This stoneware is wonderful to cook with. It was purchased by Tim's mom way back when each bowl cost about $1.35 each. The family donated it to me last winter when they were cleaning out all their storage bins. The great thing about homesteaders is they save everything!

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