Sunday, November 4, 2007

Left Right Unite!

Patrick Wood (of the August Review) and family have built a MySpace for "old political people" like me. I joined it last night and already found 2 of my ACL friends there. What a hoot. Nordica's been bugging me for years to get on MySpace but I just did not see the point. Now I'm thinking it will be a great change of pace to look for solutions with people who already "get it" Like Patrick and so many students of the dialectic understand, we're in big, big trouble in this country if we keep on "bickering" among ourselves over false ideologies. I had planned on being a recluse for the rest of my life, suddenly I want to meet everyone who's ever contacted me over the years. What an fine inspiration in such a dark, unhappy time. I have 2 friends already (whoohoo), and I started a group for the Anti-Communitarian League. Come check it out!

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