Friday, November 23, 2007

80 degrees warmer than last Thanksgiving!

Last year on Thanksgiving Day I was living in a wall tent heated only by my little woodstove. It had been about 40 below zero all month. Rejecting an invite to my nicest neighbor's for dinner, I stayed home alone and contemplated my frozen, fading committment to American freedom. This year it was 40 above, my daughter and grandson are with me, and I have a lot to be thankful for. So I cleaned and re-organized my GerTee and had 8 people over for a huge feast.

My first friend in Kenny Lake.

My growing family.

Sharon Rose and Dominic in the expanded living area.

Breadsticks made on the woodstove.

My sincerest thanks to all the Happy Thanksgiving e-mails and e-cards from people who were concerned I might be alone again this year. It's really nice to know my supporters care about whether I get to enjoy a family life (and if I have any friends left in RL). As lately I have become very suspicious of some other researchers writing about globalism, and I'm beginning to question their bios and wondering if they are who they say they are, I decided maybe I'd put some pictures up and see if it looks like I hired people to "pose" as my friends. So, the challenge is... do I really know the people in my pictures, or are they paid actors? You decide.

Where do we put all the food?

More please?

Are you sure that roof will stay up?

Men and babies.

Big Mother's Game Plan.


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