Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails

Our friend James has spent years studying health-related subjects. When we lived in Seattle he introduced us to several "controversial" areas of of research. Almost everything he gave me I discarded as "unuseable." One by one, I began looking at the issues he brought to my attention, and not suprisingly, they were all, as it turned out, very important areas that I eventually discovered elsewhere. Weird how we never want to listen to the people we know best. So, this blogpost is dedicated to James, offered with all the humbleness in my heart.

P.S. Jer, remember Jim making such a fuss about this all the time and making us look up as they crisscrossed Seattle skies? Check out the comment regarding this expose of chemtrailse by

"i just called the news station because they missed a valuable peice of information -

""Chronic barium intoxication disrupts sulphated proteoglycan synthesis: a hypothesis for the origins of multiple sclerosis.""

From peeklib at YouTube: posted November 10, 2007

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