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Creating a Communitarian North American Union (NAU)

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When I have time, I take every link I see to a website that claims to fully explain the North American Union (NAU). I search these sites looking for other global government researchers who identify Communitarianism as the power structure for the emerging supra-national synthesis. This is a mostly frustrating endeavor. As more and more "experts" on globalization and the NAU come into the "fray" (as I'm beginning to see the research community), the reality of communitarianism as the foundation for the entire new system is buried even deeper under the hoards of materials devoted to "exposing the New World Order." I must have visited a million websites since 1999, and I utilize their site search engines. I can say that the number of search returns for the word "communitarianis" has significantly increased in the past eight (almost nine) years. But, even with a current 371,000 returns on google, most "expose" websites have nothing onsite using that term. Government websites using the term are also rare. The best place to find it are in upper academia and European governments in the EU.

This continuing obscurity in publications geared toward American readers is unbelievable. Communitaranism is the legal system. It's a primary ingrediant in the globalist's soup; it's the name of the recipie. I'm getting suspicious in my old age, and I'm slowly beginning to understand how the emerging government planted their disinformation operatives a long time ago, because I think the whole anti-globalist movement operates like a perfectly contrived Hegelian scenario.

The "left" side of the opposition leads the street protests and anti-WTO rallys. It was a leftist coalition of professional agitators that shut down the ministerial meetings in November, 1999. The left's variety of street theatre and actions were planned by an organization called DAN, the Direct Action Network. Very professional and efficent, DAN trained American volunteers in numerous actions designed to disrupt and "shut down the WTO." Part of the loosely connected but highly organized group were the National Lawyers Guild (who trained witnesses), the human chains (who locked arms around the convention center), the human barricades (who laid down in the intersections), and last but not least, the London and Eugene anarchists (who destroyed the property of carefully selected corporate stores that profit from slave labor).

The literature produced by the left will not explain that the WTO is a communitarian court, set up as a temporary justice system prior to NAU regionalisation and a new NAU parliment.

The "right" side of the opposition also leads their people in street protests, trains them to shut down abortion clinic actions, and they sponsor anti-SPP/NAU rallys. They are not nearly as professionally trained, organized or supported as is the left. The "right" includes the John Birchers (the most visable opponets of the U.N. since their inception) , the Libertarians (who are also pro-U.N. globalists), the Free American, the World Net Daily, the Constitution Party (who want to restore a Biblical constitution), the Klammath Bucket Brigades and the Sawgrass Rebellion (both exceptions to the unorganized reference above), Stop Agenda 21, the National Rifle Association, Stop the Trans-Texas Corridor, the Minutemen, We the People Foundation and, my all-time favorite, Stop the NAU.

In all the literature produced by the right, only a handful of researchers will define the emerging NAU justice system as communitarian law.

The NRA has two very good articles on specific balancing acts under communitarian law (on communitarianism and the 2nd amendment). Devvy Kidd, Berit Kjos, Charlotte Iserbyt, Detective Phillip Worts, Joan Veon, Michael Shaw, Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant, Chris Gerner, and Bobby Garner have all written original articles or books that include the term communitarianism (some more than others). Bobby, Darren , Chris, Berit and Nancy have written numerous original articles explaing communitarian thinking in great detail. But for the most part, very few writers on the right seem willing to do more than mention it once or twice.

Lately, very weird things have started happening, not the least being my communitarian law research was plagiarized by Dave Hodges, Director of the Arizona Constitution Party, (I don't include his articles on communitarian law in the above list of researchers for obvious reasons). This could mean several things, all of them seeming way too "cloak and dagger" for me to seriously consider... but I do plan to meet these obstacles as if I knew their game. I've also met a bunch of new people, and apparently not all of them are who or what they claim to be either.

Then there's this super weird (even for me!) group of Fusionsts at Nord calls them the borg, and they keep trying to engage me in boring dialectical arguments. Terry Hayfield, their leader, is a Fusionist associated with the rightwing Birchers and leftwing labor, who uses 666 in his email address. His twist on us outright calls our studying communitarianism WRONG, not because he knows more or differently about communitarianism and can dispute our thesis, but because he's an expert on Permanent Revolution and Marxist economic theory. He refuses to even discuss communitarianism because it's a waste of his expert time. He also seems to think him and I are in some kind of an undergraduate contest of egos, defending and arguing over other people's theories. He never addresses mine and Nordica's original and published Hegelian-communitarian thesis, or our original, undisputed conclusion. He prefers instead to insist that I am a just stubborn, uncompromising, selfish idiot, and an anti-semitic to boot. Now, so does his borg. It's creepy, to say the least.

As more sites pick up on my article Dialectical Freedom, I should expect more weirdness. And in the funny way that this old world works, all this new harassment has inspired me to do a complete assessment of the leading Western and English speaking theorists writing about the NAU, the Bilderberg, the G-8, the U.N., the Fed, the IRS, the CFR, the TR, and CAFTA, in order to determine which ones actually talk about the emerging system.

Bur first Nordica and I are going to revise 2020 for a 2008 edition that includes a whole new section on international communitarianism. Currently ordered books should be going out by next Monday, I am so sorry but we've had one horrible delay after another; if anyone knows a good, reliable printer in Anchorage or even online, please let us know. Sure with I knew how to put it online for download ordering, Nordica does but she's swamped with work and the baby.

I'm also thinking about building my place into an anticommunitarian school and offer once in a lifetime "seminars" in Alaska. I'll invite folks to study with us, share their stories, write articles and books and take side trips exploring our wilderness neighborhood. I can build GerTees for housing our guests, travel GerTees for overnight backcountry expeditions (and I found a guy with draft horses) a big meeting GerTee tha seats 1oo+ people, and finally build a GerTee bathhouse/sweat lodge. I want to call it GerTeeville. That nice WTC architect who wrote me about them hated the name, but I like sounding like a character out of Horton Hears a Who.

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