Monday, November 5, 2007

GerTee gets a homemade hammock

From the second he was born, Nord and Freddie moved into my GerTee with me. They slept in their little cabin during the flood, but, it's below freezing now and makes a lot more sense to keep only one fire burning. The past 2 months have been a very special time for me, because I get to be with my grandson, and we've had a place to finish the tedious detail work for Aknweb. The only bummer was I haven't had a bed since they began sleeping in her too. Everytime I said, "I'm bringing that other bed in here," she insisted there wasn't room.

After spending the last week sleeping over in "her" freezing cabin, I flipped out and insisted she let me bring the bed in! She refused to budge, and I know her well, so I said, okay, I'm gonna figure out how to build a bunkbed out of the 2x4s I was using to build the arctic entry.

While studying bulky bed designs, I told Nord about how I slept in a hammock for 3 months the first time I lived in Hawaii. Told her that's what we needed in here. Suddenly I remembered the cloth sack beds the sailors slept in in the Russell Crowe movie, Master & Commander. Thinking it might work, I took 2 twin bed sheets, tied them together with all this scrap rope Tim got from from City Electric, cut 2 burnt spruce posts to fit under the roof beams, and tied the ends to the roof above the posts. What do you know. I had a "bed" last night!
Freddie loves it!

The leftrightunite site is blowing my mind. People are joining the ACL group, they respond to my blog posts, and I have a bunch of new friends... from both "sides" of the dialectic.

I'm off to call the printer and find out what's holding up the books we ordered. Shipping on 2020 orders are behind again. Thanks to everyone who ordered lately for their patience, so far we've been really lucky our customers understand we're still newbie publishers.

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