Saturday, February 9, 2008

UN Local Agenda 21-- the globalist's "New Deal"

It's 30 below zero outside at noon today, and it was 28 above inside GerTee when I awoke. This cold snap is wearing us out, and some mornings are just harder than others. Luckily we have a steady supply of firewood, we work from home and we're only a few months away from spring.

Gisela from NONAIS has been dilligently researching UN Agenda 21 and sharing some of it with me. While searching for its connection to the National Premise and Animal ID, she came upon several documents which I overlooked during my research. (This isn't all that hard to do because of the tens of thousands of pages written about it in just the past 15 years.) I know AmerikanExpose, Sweet Liberty, Darren Weeks, Nancy Levant, Joan Veon, Michael Shaw, Tom DeWeese, Henry Lamb, Dr. Michael Coffman and many others have articles and links to these bills, and knowing that they were studying it made me kind of lazy about it.

Gisela also asks why members of the Washington State Legislature think it's necessary to present a bill called "Preventing the implantation of identification or tracking devices on persons without their consent."

I did not know the U.S. House of Representatives voted to adopt UN Local Agenda 21 (I posted this in an earlier blog). I knew the U.S. adopted LA-21 at the local, community levels, but I thought it was done without congressional authorization. But "Over 160 countries are now Parties to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (the Convention) which was ratified by the United States in 1992. " ( Survey of International Agreements.)

I admit I thought I could avoid the documents dealing with climate change and figured I'd leave it to other serious researchers who have a background in science. But this is how our government was able to introduce LA-21 goals into the U.S., so I need to revisit the entire topic. I'm trying to find the time to write Part II of my Hegel articles... but this is really distracting me. Even people like me who never watch TV and avoid newspapers and radio constantly hear about the impending disasters if we don't all takes measures to avoid catastrophic "Global Warming"

100th Congress

The 100th Congress enacted the Global Climate Protection Act as Title XI of H.R.
1777 of P.L. 100-204, assigning Department of State and the Environmental Protection Agency the responsibility to develop a coordinated national policy on global climate protection and containing other measures for coordination, research, and international cooperation.

lOlst Congress

In the lOlst Congress, interest widened among Members and committees of relevant jurisdiction that sought to acquire information from all sides of the scientific debate over possible global climate warming, to evaluate the potential economic and strategic impacts on the United States of a warmer climate, and to assess the adequacy of the Federal organizational base for conducting scientific research and policy studies. Seventy-three bills, resolutions, concurrent resolutions, and amendments dealing with global climate and atmospheric change were introduced in the lOlst Congress.' There were major enactments that dealt with global warming issues in legislation on: foreign aid decisions and U.S. foreign lending policies (P.L. 101-167, P.L. 101-240, P.L. 101-513); clean air (P.L. 101-549); Department of Defense environmental research and activities (P.L. 101-189, P.L. 101-510); water resources (P.L. 101-397); taxation (P.L. 101-239, P.L. 101-508); agriculture and forestry (P.L. 101-624); and Federal organization (P.L. 101-6061. For further information, see CRS Report 91-359 SPR, Global Climate Change and the lOlst Congress: A Review of Legislation.

102nd Congress
Congressional interest and concern about climate and global change continued
during 102nd Congress. There was interest among the relevant congressional
committees in overseeing congressionally mandated efforts to improve coordination
among Federal agencies conducting scientific research in atmospheric change and policy research in impacts assessment and response strategies. Congress also closely followed the progress of U.N. negotiations for achieving a framework convention on global climate and sent a parliamentary delegation to the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, in June. The Senate consented to ratification of the Convention [Treaty Doc. 102-381; the instrument of ratification was signed by the President on Oct. 13, 1992. On the legislative agenda, there was a noticeable shift toward formulating
response strategies. A number of bills were considered with provisions that indirectly
affect the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases or that deal directly in a variety of approaches to reduce the rate of generation of greenhouse gases. Other legislation focused on developing accommodation and mitigation measures for climate change, to the extent that global warming occurs. Seventy-one measures relating to global climate change were introduced during the 102nd Congress. Some legislation introduced in the first session was revisited in the second with further hearings, mark- up sessions, or reintroduced as original bills or substituting amendments.

Eight major bills relating to global climate change were enacted in the 102nd Congress. In the first session, these include the Foreign Relations Authorization Act
for FY1992-1993 (P.L. 102-138), which expressed the sense of the Congress regarding negotiations of the U.N. International Negotiating Committee and a
framework convention on climate change; Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development and Other Sundry Agencies Appropriations Act for FYI992 (P.L. 102-139), which included funding for EPA and NASA for greenhouse gas, global warming, and stratospheric ozone depletion research and NASA funding for the Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) to assess policy options to address global climate change; Foreign Operations, Export Financing and Related Programs Appropriations Act for FYI992 (P.L. 102-163), which set forth restrictions on U.S. foreign aid through a Global Warming Initiative; and the National Aeronautic and Space Administration Authorization Act for FYI992 (P.L. 102-1951, which enhanced global change research activities within NASA and improved data collection, archival, and dissemination of remotely sensed land data.
In the second session, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban
Appropriations Act for FYI993 (P.L. 102-389) continued funding of research on global warming and stratospheric ozone depletion for EPA and NASA and
funded CIESIN through NASA and the White Office of Science and Technology Policy
(OSTP); Foreign Operations, Export Financing and Related Programs Appropriations
Act for FYI993 (P.L. 102-391) appropriated funds through AID to developing countries for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through a Global Warming Initiative, and through the World Bank's Global Environmental Facility for other U.S. obligations under environmental agreements; National Defense Authorization Act for FYI993 (P.L. 102-484) called for an evaluation of DOD use of Class I and I1 ozone-depleting substances, which include CFCs and Halons, and a subsequent report to Congress; National Energy Policy Act of 1992 (P.L. 102-486), Title XVI
Global Climate Change, called for the appointment of a Director of Climate Protection within DOE, several reports and analyses of greenhouse gas emissions including a national inventory, and voluntary reporting of greenhouse gas reductions. The title further established a Global Climate Change Response Fund as depository for US. contributions to a financial mechanism pursuant to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change. This Act also increased baseline taxes on certain uses of ozone-depleting substances. For further information, see CRS Report 93-445 SPR, Global Climate Change Legislation: A Review of the 102nd Congress.
How did "Libertarian/Republican" Ron Paul vote on the above mentioned legislation?

I never liked the way Ron Paul called his campaign a "Revolution," and that was one of my initial reasons for refusing to endorse him. The term is too well associated with the Marxist goal of Permanent Revolution. And now, well, here's Ron Paul quoting Trotsky:

February 08, 2008

Message from Ron

Whoa! What a year this has been. And what achievements we have had. If I may quote Trotsky of all people, this Revolution is permanent. It will not end at the Republican convention. It will not end in November. It will not end until we have won the great battle on which we have embarked. Not because of me, but because of you. Millions of Americans -- and friends in many other countries -- have dedicated themselves to the principles of liberty: to free enterprise, limited government, sound money, no income tax, and peace. We will not falter so long as there is one restriction on our persons, our property, our civil liberties.
So now we know. Ron Paul supports the Marxist ideal of Permanent Revolution.


Anonymous said...

Re: Message from Ron Paul

I suspect that this is a coded message from RP. I can't decode it, but I have no reason to think that RP is in any way a Comm. RP would never quote the original neocon, Trotsky.

Anyway, this "revolution" is US, not Ron Paul. He's merely a symbol.


the tent lady said...

Are you saying RP did not post this message where he did quote Trotsky?

What are the principles for this US revolution?

Anonymous said...

No, my mossy brain meant to say that he would not have said that without a reason. He hates neocons. Neocons are Trotskyites.

Besides, I'm not very smart.


the tent lady said...

I confess I've never been able to figure out RP and I can freely admit I'm not very smart about people. But the idea that we need a "revolution" in a nation where the citizens hold constitutional power of initiatives to veto bad laws, and the right to jury nullification of bad laws is interesting, don't you think?

Jeff Rense noticed it too, thi is what he said in an article that just came out on Peter Meyer's elist:

"Of all the great American political leaders who sacrificed their lives for freedom, Ron chose, instead, to quote the zionist maniac killer Communist Trotsky about the 'revolution being permanent.' A strange choice. The statement could have been made without the need to acknowledge a Bolshevik madman."

Thanks for your comment Mosback, we're all students here. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah aim to please, Ma'am!


Gisela said...

Niki, regarding RP comment this is how I took it. He said " If I may quote Trotsky of all people, this Revolution is permanent".

"OF all people" which leads me to believe he only wanted to use the words Revolution is permanent. Notice he said of ALL people.

His speeches when the MEDIA ALLOWS him to speak has awakened more people. Isn't this what we are all fighting for, to get back to our Constitutional rights. Isn't that what RP is fighting for to abolish the bad policies, laws etc? His message is sounding the alarm and the powers to be are turning him off. They even showed total disrespect in the CA debate, with Anderson Cooper as moderator. Not only Ron but to Huchabee. He has warned us that we need to get out of the UN. He is warning us about the economy. Hillary is promoting the National Health Care, Obama is is promoting Change, What change may I ask other then leading us further down the yellow brick road. Now Huckabee is using the same words as Ron Paul what's up with that?

Mr. Paul is still in the race and its a bloody shame that the MEDIA will not give him the time of day, which is showing there deceit and dirty game playing, he is running for the Office of President not the community council and he deserves at least that respect. Why is it "We the People" have to go to You Tube to listen to a Presidential Candidate?

This race has opened many peoples eyes to the deceit but Ron Paul still has the support and he is far from broke. That means he is saying something to "We the People" and they are listening. How many candidates do you know of that even bother to do a video to let his supporters know what is going on? I would say he is the first to do so.

The very people who are leading our country down the yellow brick road should be leading our country away from the yellow brick road and not giving our rights away, our land away for POWER. The very people who are destroying our economy. The very people and programs whom you write about to warn people of the impending dangers. Ron Paul is doing the same.

I do not see RP being a communitarian. Ron Paul's voting record should speak louder then anything.
One mistake in wording should not lead anyone to believe that he is one of them. I agree Mr Paul should have used another message but its been done.

The one thing we the people can now do is vote the fools out of congress who believe in communitarian Law and start getting people voted in at the local level who believe in 'Rights". We need to oust the people who believe in the greater good. My treasures do not belong to the National Treasures.

Keep warm

the tent lady said...

Thanks Gisela, Very thoughtful and appreciated contribution. I agree the RP campaign has opened a lot of eyes to the deceit, and who knows where the American people will go with that. It IS a shame he quoted Trotsky though, because Permanent Revolution IS a Marxist-Hegelian concept.

And to make the concept even more confusing, this is the same theory presented by Terry Hayfield and the borg. Hayfield is involved in election reform and afilliated with the John Birch Society, which according to many researchers, morphed into a branch of the Communist Party.

Regardless of what kinds of lies the communitarians weave, you are right on with what we need to be doing at the LOCAL level, which is the only place we have any real influence anyway. If all RP supporters would join their local community counncils or committees (no need to even get elected!) they could change this country overnight. If the Matsu Borough had RP supporters looking closely at Anchorage Vision 2020...whew.. the whole plan would be dismantled.

Our silence is their only authority.