Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is Barack Obama the Communitarian Messiah?

This blog link just came in from Anon. I sure wish it were a spoof, but I think it's real.


Anonymous said...

I found this comment further on down the list:
Christopher said...

Regarding the hosting matter, thanks for your concern, folks: but it's probably too late. When I revealed the website to some virtual friends and colleagues, my name was already used in attribution. I anticipated that people would find out eventually due to the hosting.

So the "cat's already out of the bag", so to speak.

The website was initiated as (and continues to remain) a parody -- calling attention to via exaggeration the phenomenon of secular messianism and the "cult of personality" that surrounds Obama.

We'll just have to record the evidence and let it speak for itself. =)

I did take your advice about reversing the chronology of 'Heretics and Unbelievers' into consideration.

Oh, and the Obama Seminar has revised the original "Epiphany" post with the results of their investigation. I have not yet been able to find a video. I'm running with the original version as cited by CNN's Political Ticker page at 10:23am January 8, 2008. While they've removed it the evidence will reveal itself via when their cache surfaces several months from now (material becomes available 6 months after collection).
7:02 AM

This just TOO MUCH "Wag the Dog" to be for real!!


Gisela said...

Not a spoof, its very real I'm afraid. Actually this has been about the 10th time I have seen this and am very very disappointed in the way Americans are swooning over this man, I want to know what change he is planning?
We need a big prayer...for help

the tent lady said...

The point is just so hard to swallow. I cling to the belief that our people are NOT as gullible and naive as the communitarians expect us to be. So it's very distressing to see Americans follow their communitarian gurus and know so little (to nothing) about their theology. It IS that.. they are all "preachers" and they DO plan to include a one world religion in their one world government.

I got the strangest email tonight asking me to rebuke Paul Walter at newswithviews for his affiliation with the far-Right wing Republic Broadcast station. To convince me that as a contributing writer I shouldn't want my name associated with these right wing racists, the sender linked me to an article at (which is a site I have used while researching.)

But the article "War and Christian Right Fundamentalism"
is very interesting. Like Blackwater, this is a dialectical tirade against the "bad" right from the "perfect" left.

"Hedges notes the movement's appeal is from the leadership's promise of a moral Christian nation promising renewal. But the message hides a darker side with Dominionists awaiting a fiscal, social and/or political crisis great enough to end democratic constitutional government replacing it with their vision of a Christian fascist theocratic America. In the meantime, they spent a generation working for this and now have great influence at state, local and federal levels of government."

For me Lendmans' article reads like he is describing Obama the Messiah and the fanatical left, and this is just what the communitarians on both phony "sides" have achieved.

I agree we should probaly pray for help, but again, who do we pray to, the God on the left or the God on the Right? If we don't like those choices then do we, by default, end up with the God in the Middle?

The left and right both share the blame for bringing us to the synthesis. Even Hegel called it "God's Idea."

S. said...

If we would all just buy and read "The Communitarian Gospel According to Jesus" By Claudine Church I'm sure she'd tell us who to pray too!

I cannot find ANY reviews or content for this book and I refuse to buy it simply to be disgusted by what I find. In my opinion Jesus Christ was representative of the Ultimate Individual, not the ultimate collective.

Here is a link to the book: