Friday, February 8, 2008

Global Warming

Temperature in GerTee's entryway,
10am Feb 7, 2008

Getting lots of relevant news and research in my inbox lately and I can barely keep up with it anymore. Much of it belongs at the ACL on specific topic pages, but it's so much easier to store it here on my blog with a plan to upload it to the ACL later. So, for those of you taking all the links that's why the lists on the sidebar continue to grow.

There's a new edu-tainment book out called "The Shell Game" and it rose to #31 on the NYTs bestseller list even before it came out! It looks like a compilation of 9/11 research with the intent of leading all the "truthseekers" into the leftist/communitarian camp. Calling the 9/11 researchers the only American heros, the advertisements promote lies that are part and parcel of the global communitarian plan. Steve Alten managed to merge the 9/11 truth movement with Ruppert's Peak Oil theory with the environmentalists at EarthFirst who worked with the UN to draft the Wildlands Act! So heh, now anyone who questions 9/11 is an EarthFirster, by default. Nice trick.

The Shell Game's "Peak Oil/environmental" page says it all:

An Inconvenient Truth Website

National Resources Defense Council

African American Environmentalist Association

Alliance for Climate Protection

Association of Environmental Professionals

Confederation of European Environmental Engineering Societies

Earth First!

Earth Island Institute

Earth Liberation Front

Environmental Defense

Environmental Law Institute

Global Green USA

League of Conservation Voters

National Audubon Society

Rainforest Action Network

Rising Tide North America

Student Environmental Action Coalition

Sierra Club

Union of Concerned Scientists


Clearcutting the Climate

Political map to understand Peak Oil Wars Association for the Study of Peak Oil - USA what goes up must come down - Peak population probably the largest Peak Oil site covered Peak Oil before 9/11 Michael Ruppert: Peak Oil & 9/11 James Howard Kunstler Richard Heinberg a political map: Peak Oil Wars [a mirror of] Post Carbon Institute Association for the Study of Peak Oil a graceful end to cheap oil discussion group

In other "news" there's new weapons that belong on our Community Policing page:

And for those who want to know how the new policing power structure operates, here's a nice example of a new communitarian private-public partnership:

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