Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Disinformation Experts

I'm updating the ACL Articles page and decided to include a link to Dave Hodges work at Freedoms Phoenix as a plagiarizer. So I went back to Hodges website and scrolled through his list of published work and found the interview he did with Daneen Peterson on the NAU. Professor Peterson bills herself as an expert on the NAU and regionalization and harmonization but insists Americans are too stupid and afraid to learn the REAL terms for the NAU agreement.
Daneen wrote me a year and a half ago when I first contacted her, claiming she had read "all" my work and planned to include communitarianism in her work sometime soon. I found her claim to have read "all" my work to be somewhat unbelievable but chose to ignore that as I was very encouraged by her promise. Since then, I have watched her rise to the front of the antiNAU pack; Lisa Long and many other "angels of truth" have taken to heralding her "great work."

Daneen Peterson writes about every aspect of communitarian law except communitarian law. She's not alone in her quest for "truth." Many other prominet expert researchers who study globalization do not include the actual global government system in their work. Why? This has never made any sense to me, but it's beginning to.

I finally learned of Daneen Peterson's background from Hodges. Here's the bio he has on her:
"Dr. Peterson is a former professor at both Temple and Jefferson Universities in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , where she taught behavioral science research methodology and statistics. After leaving academia, she created and directed the first Department of Research and Program Evaluation for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America's National Office in Philadelphia , PA , where she worked with some 512 agencies in all fifty states." http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Feature-Article.htm?InfoNo=026528

Here's a list of Big Brothers/Big Sisters Philadephia government partners:

The following government partners support our mission with necessary grants and fundamental policy initiatives:

If you are interested in becoming a government partner, please contact actioncenter@bbbs.org.

Now I think I get it. The Faith Based and Community Initiatives are communitarian programs that build private-public partnerships that will eliminate constitutionally guaranteed rights. Freedom Corps is a volunteer program introduced by the Communitarian Network founder Amitai Etzioni (the one that President Bush declared in 2002: all Americans should volunteer 4000 hours or 2 years to help rebuild community). The community database of American's private information was created by HUD and implemented by DHHS. Daneen Peterson built her entire faith based organization on communitarian grants.

What is Daneen's expert background in behavioral science research methodology and statistics? A search return for that exact phrase brings us to scoiosite.net, a global reseach project. Their famous sociologists list includes the founder of the Communitarian Network, Dr. Amitai Etzioni. http://www.sociosite.net/topics/sociologists.php#ETZIONI

How well does Dr. Daneen Peterson know Dr. Amitai Etzioni? Is she aware of their sociological connection? Etzioni was president of the ASA in 1995. Was she a member? Is she familiar with Etzioni's socio-economics co-founder, former USSR President and Global Green founder Mikhail Gorbachev? Was she ever a member of SASE?

I know I said I wouldn't waste any time researching disinformation agents, like Sean I too was sure it was a diversion from my real work. But is it? If there is any connection between leading American "patriots" and the Communitarian Network doesn't that fall into my topic areas?

I wholeheartedly agree with Daneen on one point about the NAU: What you don't know CAN hurt you!.

I wholeheartedly DISagree with Daneen on another point though, and I do NOT believe Americans are too stupid to learn the REAL terms.

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S. said...



Please don't misunderstand my observation that you have avoided getting into useless arguements with disinformers with the concept that identifying and exposing these disinformation artists as being important work.

As the research and fact finding of the ACL moves forward you will find more and more people using your work (without crediting it), paralleling your research with nearly identical facts (while leaving out 5-10% of the most important information) and of course using ANY and EVERY means to find your weaknesses and use them against you.

You and Nord are more aware of any weaknesses you might have, so you will be the best judges of how and when these enemies of real freedom are attacking you.

We know that for our elected officials (and the unelected "boards") their weaknesses are vanity, power, money, sex, drugs and especially "spiritual enlightenment". The last often includes all of the former in the list.

For many truth seekers I would assume that this list does not apply as heavily as it does to those who would pine to be President, or in the congress/senate, governers, mayors, police officers, facilitators and teachers etc.

In my opinion the average person who truly wants to know the truth has more simple weaknesses: Naivity, compassion, benevolence, self sacrafice, honesty ect.

When I first contacted you it was out of both amazement at your research and great concern about people attempting to get you to move to michigan. At that time I was studying Peter Kawaja, and if you never did get a chance to read about him I urge you (and all of your readers) to check out www.lategreatpeterkawaja.com.

Kawaja had uncovered amazing evidence about the first gulf war and a group of international terrorists working inside the USA. To find out about it check out that site.

Linda Kennedy runs that site, and many others, and her work started as a person attempting to create legal reform in Virginia. In her struggles she hooked up with Joyce Riley and Dave Von Kleist, and she discovered them to be BIG TIME disinformation agents. Her evidence is immutable. She continues to this day exposing them and all of the people involved with them. William Lewis was the producer of 911 In Plane Site, as well as One Nation Under Seige and many other videos. These people have huge cash resources, claim to expose the government and yet they are untouchable. They are liars.

My comment is getting too long, but do know that I TOTALLY COMMEND YOU for discovering and exposing people trying to marginalize/sideling/parallel/ridicule your research. No matter how subtle it is (like Daneen Peterson) the intent is the same. They want to steal the ideas, change them into lies, and serve them as gospel.

Linda Kennedy constantly reviews disinformation tactics and ways to fight them on her radio show www.precioustimeradio.com

I encourage EVERYONE who believes in your work to listen to Ms. Kennedy and gain a better understanding of how deeply corrupt these people really are(!)

Rock on Niki and Nord... When you see the "bad guys" reacting, or even try to ignore you, it means you are directly over the target. FIRE FOR EFFECT.

P.S. I'll take a bulk order of the "Radiant Sheild" hats. We are all gonna need to wear them with pride.