Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to create a Hegelian Police State

There's a MySpace video going around called "This is What a Police State Looks Like." I'm on dialup so it's taking hours to load, but I don't think the video's low-key female narrarator plans to end this expose by explaining the important role these "peaceful protestors" play in acheiving Hegel's version of the World Spirit.

It's a total ruse. Street protests are directed by the same people using the same strategy on both sides, worldwide. Riot police are a very necessary component of international community policing strategies. Teaching people to "march" and chant things like "This is what democracy looks like!" had a purpose.. anti-war leaders were never a bunch of peaceful hippies hoping to save the children. They were trained to become "agents of change" and change has become so commonly misunderstood that Obama can run his entire campaign on the slogan and millions of Americans don't have the first clue that he means HEGELIAN change.

Political communitarian is the theory that mankind must CHANGE to build a better world. That's why nobody in the mainstream press and so few in the American patriot community and anti-war movement will (or can) explain how the dialectic works to bring on the final utopian synthesis, called communitarianism. People who promote a portion of the Hegelian games will NEVER expose themselves purposefully. The big lie is one of omission, and it's what they don't say that matters to me.

I know the final goal is global government, so when I look at new information I say to myself, hmm... now how does this further or not further the globalist's goals? I believe what their leaders have written about the need for global revolution before there can be a one wold collective. So, naturally, when I see a street protest or a petition to take Bush before the UN Criminal Court or a political campaign that's called a "revolution" I consider everything I know about modern revolutions and the people behind them.

I'm one of those wackos who don't believe we need another revolution and the day we take an American President before an International Criminal Court is the day we've lost all chance for retaining our republic. We are playing directly into their hands if we go that route. And when people ask me what I think we should do I'm just too sorry to say anything anymore. Our most politically active people who might have the wits to bring a referendum before the American people are being misdirected into becoming street targets for the friendly communitarian police.

I wonder if our hostess for this video will explain the role community policing plays in these violent street conflicts, or if she'll explain what the cops on bicycles are assigned to do when they're not busy arresting dupes. Targeting protestors caught on video is not only "old news" to the London anarchists who we met in Seattle during the WTO protests in November 1999, but it's also a COMMUNITY program that targets bad weeds in American neighborhoods. But who cares about what's happening in our local communities, and why bother paying ANY attention to how the global police operate in your local community center... yeah.. keep the focus on the street conflicts. Sure don't want Americans to figure out their efforts are best placed in people's inititives.. that might put something constructive into the globalist's game, and we can't have that now, can we?

It should be fully loaded by now and I can see the end of this propaganda piece. I left off when the lead robot cop is giving the perfectly pre-scripted conflict plans to his men in black. Maybe our narrarator will reasonably suggest we impeach Bush before the UN Court, she's already suggested the protestors should have come better armed.

I lost my connection and it stopped the whole download..ergh. Well, here's the link for you dsl people.

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