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Mexicans Better Equipped to Become NAU Peacekeepers

This isn't the article I started out writing tonight, and Nordica thinks the sarcasm will be lost on some people. She says that I should try to be a "better teacher." But I'm not a teacher. I'm not even really a writer. I'm trained as a government policy investigator. I got involved in this work while I was working on property rights lawsuits in Seattle. I tried to get my research and information into the hands of legitimate lawmakers and journalists beginning in1999. I finally started a website and uploaded our thesis and topic pages beginning in 2003. Then over the past several years I've contacted hundreds of American whistleblowers with our research.

It's been a rude awakening to recognise that certain members of the alternative "news" community consider communitarianism my own little term I like to use. I'm starting to understand the techniques in use against me, and I'm pretty much done ignoring accusations from Americans who label me as a tin-foil-hat. I'm also now accused of being an egomaniac for insisting on the inclusion of communitarianism in discussions and "exposes" about NAU communitarian regionalization. I'n not like that at all, and while I was always defiant when city officials told me I couldn't review their notes, I've made every effort to approach my fellow Americans with humbleness in my heart. But maybe I should go ahead and start acting like I'm the big whatever. Our thesis is downloaded every day by visitors from universities around the world. Either somebody disputes it, or we are the leading experts (in the nobody important category) on NAU regional integration and NAU communitarian justice in the United States.

Mexicans Better Equipped to Become NAU Peacekeepers
by Niki Raapana
February 16, 2008

It sure is a good thing the North American Union is just a silly conspiracy theory. Thank goodness President Bush put our minds to rest on that whole fallacy. If there really was a new system of regional government in the USA, then Americans would be like the Romanians, decades behind in a few significant areas:

"Over a decade since European Convention ratification, Romanian Law School graduates do not have elementary knowledge about the law system offered by CEDO and CEJ, and, only a few months before the adhesion, the communitarian law curricula is rarely present within law faculties programs of study, although the lack of adequate education of our legal experts in the field of European protection of human rights determined already great loss to the Romanian Government, at least 50 millions EURO. Because of these major deficiencies, the lack of personnel in the Justice Department can not be covered, despite the great number of Law graduates." (1)

We have millions of people in this country who devote their lives to researching, teaching, studying (and protecting) the original American political and economic system. Many of our citizens appear to be very well educated in the historical and legal foundations for our republic. Our people still study U.S. Constitutional Law because that's the law of our land. If the old system had been replaced with a new system, then Americans would have to be told about it, wouldn't they?

If it were true that the U.S. is integrating with Mexico and Canada under the supremacy of global communitarian law, we'd have attorneys like Marcos Mercado Delgadillo:

"MARCOS MERCADO DELGADILLO, Post-graduate degree in Education, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz – Bolivia; Masters in Industrial and Intellectual Property and Information Society Law, Alicante – Spain; Masters in Economic Law, Universidad Andina Simón Bolivar, La Paz – Bolivia; Law Degree, Universidad Católica Boliviana, La Paz – Bolivia. PRIOR EXPERIENCE: National Intellectual Property Office, Head of Trademarks and Distinctive Signs Department, La Paz; Pons - Patents and Trademarks, Madrid - Spain; Mostajo Sociedad Civil, Associate Lawyer, La Paz; Ministry of Justice, Legal Advisor in the Drafting Commission for intellectual Property Law Project, La Paz.OTHER ACTIVITIES: Professor of Intellectual Property Law. PRACTICE AREAS: Intellectual Property, E-commerce, Integration and Andean Communitarian Law, Corporate Law. (2)

If it were true that the USA is reorganizing itself under a global communitarian system of justice, we'd hear about it from our free press. We have thousands of news businesses whose job it is to bring us the news that matters. Something so huge (and so illegal) would never have slid past all those smart CNN reporters. If Amitai Etzioni and the Communitarian Network really held a summit in 2004, the U.S. freepress would have covered this historical event. Americans would have been introduced to their groundbreaking moral themes.

If Wolf V. Heydebrand from New York University really led a session at the 2004 Communitarian Summit on “Economic Globalization and the Logic of Process in American and European Law” this would have been reported by somebody, someplace in the United States.

If Heino Heinrich Nau from the University of Frankurt am Main presented a paper called “European Predecessors of Communitarian Economics” and Norton Garfinkle from The George Washington University Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies presented information about “Communitarian Economics: Maintaining Economic Growth and the Values of Civic Society,” the American voting populace would have been told a little something about their emerging economic system, wouldn't they?

America enjoys freedom of the press. If Amitai Etzioni really said on his blog on January 17, 2008, "If the current lineup holds, the Democrats will be represented in the forthcoming national elections by a communitarian" and then boasted that ".. communitarians should not uncork the champagne quite yet, but they can safely put a bottle or two into the fridge," that kind of news would have not only been in a David Brooks New York Times editorial, it would have made headlines in every newspaper in the country.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi never introduced a bill adopting UN Local Agenda 21 in the United States that was passed by the House the 102d CONGRESS, 2d Session, called H. CON. RES. 353, a

"CONCURRENT RESOLUTION Expressing the sense of the Congress that the United States should assume a strong leadership role in implementing the decisions made at the Earth Summit by developing a national strategy to implement Agenda 21 and other Earth Summit agreements through domestic policy and foreign policy, by cooperating with all countries to identify and initiate further agreements to protect the global environment, and by supporting and participating in a high-level United Nations Sustainable Development Commission. (3)

No authority ever printed the words: "Over 160 countries are now Parties to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (the Convention) which was ratified by the United States in 1992. " ( Survey of International Agreements.) Only an idiot would believe "Congress also closely followed the progress of U.N. negotiations for achieving a framework convention on global climate and sent a parliamentary delegation to the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, in June. The Senate consented to ratification of the Convention [Treaty Doc. 102-381; the instrument of ratification was signed by the President on Oct. 13, 1992." (4)

The 109th CONGRESS, 2d Session did not see the introduction of H. RES. 873, designed for

"Recognizing the continued importance of the transatlantic partnership between the United States and the European Union by expressing support for the success of the forthcoming US-EU Summit in Vienna, Austria, on June 21, 2006."
We don't need to learn anything about communitarianism, do we? No, we don't. Don't listen to me. I haven't spent any time researching this subject. It's my made up word. I only made communitarianism seem important when it's actually so minor it doesn't even need to be mentioned by name. The editors at Wikpedia are right. Communitarian Law doesn't exist anywhere except in my imagination. If anything, it's only communism, and duh, we already know what that is. As a leading American speaker against the NAU recently explained in an email:

"I simply have not had the time to introduce communitarianism or community law which, to my way of thinking, is a concept that underlies the NAU but is MANIFEST in many ways which I DO cover extensively in my writings without specifically naming it... As for using Niki's communitarianism term explicitly . . . I informed Niki quite a while ago that I would write about it in my planned Communism article. A massive piece of research I have tried valiantly to write for nearly a year and a half." (5)
We have additional proof of the non-importance of studying communitarianism. There are millions of American bloggers and thousands of American websites who never mention it at all, ever. These are dedicated people who dilligently work to expose aspects of our history and current events that are ignored in the mainstream news. With so many people claiming to be seeking and exposing the "truth," communitarian regional governance would all have been exposed long before now.

No researcher or political party ever said the American people were too stupid to understand it. No patriotic Americans have claimed they don't include the UN/EU/NAU legal term when they're writing about the new laws for the American masses. Besides, even if it was true and they did want to tell Americans all about it, they know they can't. Everyone knows Americans are incapable of learning anything beyond common, ordinary issues. The real world is too upsetting for them, it sends Americans running in terror. Why would upper educated anti-NAU researchers waste their reputations on such obvious tin-foil hat material?

"Even though I am a Ph.D., and could write for the scholarly, I don't! Why? Because I know the masses are just plain everyday folks who haven't a CLUE what is happening all around them. So I use common ordinary language, everyday ordinary issues, real-world material about what is happening out there. That way they can see and relate to it, and understand what I am referring to when covering the SPP-NAU. I do that PURPOSEFULLY so that people will not run screaming into the night in total terror, or call me a tin-foil hat, who is a purveyor of conspiracy theories." (5)
Many American websites and blogs are well researched and include detailed scientific theories about what really happened on 9/11, HAARP technology, ChemTrails, AIDS and cancer. Other highly educated Americans delve deep into difficult studies of empires, wars, philosophy, religions, freemasonry, Sumeria, Atlantis and aliens. Our terrified, stupid people somehow manage to study and publish complex, jargon filled articles on sports, technology, economics and financial matters. But they could never understand communitarianism, so why bother?

Don't worry America. The European Union and other Communitarians never published volumes of papers regarding global and regional communitarian integration requirements.

"International law is about the creation of rules of the road for interaction between nations in order to promote peace and common interests." (6)
Amitai Etzioni is impossible to locate, either online, in person or at the local library. Etzioni's books can never be found on most American government officials' (and their NGO partner's) bookshelves. Amitai Etzioni is a conspiracy theory. Etzioni's Communitarian Network does not exist. The Communtarian Platform was never signed by hundreds of academics and politicians across America. UN and EU Communitarian Law is not the blueprint for all supra-national regional communities, especially not in the NAU (which doesn't exist anyway).

"Amitai Etzioni has provided a vision for developing a future global civil society. If his communitarian approach has any hope, its starting place will be modern Europe. The continent's bloody rivalries of the past are history. By creating a larger community, Europe has achieved what Etzioni seeks on a global scale. How has Europe done it? Can Europe's success be a model for other parts of the world, just as its development of the modern nation-state became the model for political life in previous centuries? And will Europe itself be likely to survive as a thriving community, or will it fail in the end to sustain its own model? This article explores the basis for Europe's remarkable developments of the past 60 years and the possibilities that Europe can lead the way forward for the achievement of Etzioni's vision." (7)
The American founders never had their own vision. The colonists never rebelled against the British Imperial Free Trade policies. The original American system never worked. Alexander Hamilton was a tool for the global elite. The national bank, coining our own money and high tariffs were bad ideas. Friedrich List didn't help the German unions kick the British out, he was ridiculed for his theory and killed himself he was so embarrassed. So, please, don't pay any attention to an article called The Lies Behind 'Free Trade', Chalmers Johnson's review of Ha-Joon Chang's "Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism" (Bloomsbury Press, 2007).

"The title of his 2002 book comes from the German political economist Friedrich List, who in 1841 criticized Britain for preaching free trade to other countries while having achieved its own economic supremacy through high tariffs and extensive subsidies. He accused the British of "kicking away the ladder" that they had climbed to reach the world's top economic position.

"Turning to the United States, Chang focuses on Alexander Hamilton, the first American secretary of the treasury and the man who coined the term "infant industry". Although he did not live to see it, by 1820 Hamilton's forty percent tariff on manufactured imports into the United States was an established fact. Hamilton provided the blueprint for US economic policy until the end of the Second World War. The 19th and early 20th century US tariffs of forty to fifty percent were then the highest of any country in the world. Throughout this same period, it was also the world's fastest growing economy." (8)
We can rest assured. Just in case the NAU and communitarian regional justice is real, at least one partner in the Strategic Partnership is training their citizens to enforce NAU law.

"On November 16, 17 and 18 the Communitarian Police celebrated their 12th anniversary in Zitlaltepec, municipality of Metlatónoc (the mountain area in Guerrero). The System of Communitarian Security and Justice extends across an area which includes 53 communities in the Coastal and Mountain area and operates from three headquarters.

".. since its foundation the System of Communitarian Security and Justice has been persecuted, undermined and criminalized by the Guerrero government. Almost 20 arrest warrants have been issued against the leaders of the Regional Coordinator of Communitarian Authorities (CRAC) and against the founders of the Communitarian Police, and investigations have been launched against several communitarian policemen." At the 12th anniversary of the Communitarian Police, they demand unconditional respect for the Communitarian Justice system (en 12 aniversario de la Policía Comunitaria, piden respecto irrestricto a sistema de Justicia Comunitaria)" (9)


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It really is toooo bad that none of this is really happening, because if it was, I'm sure the United States and it's citizens ("Biological Assets?") would really benefit from the utopian balance that is achieved when everything is placed in the perfect "political" center.

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