Friday, February 1, 2008

2020: Our Common Destiny- Camp Redington

2020: Our Common Destiny
new edition-Jan 2008

I'm pretty sure I can say the books are on the way! It's been 20 to 45 below zero since we got back from Anchorage. Vehicles hate to start in these temperatures, but we manged to get to Copper Center and ship the auction items to the ebay winners yesterday.

Outside temperature at 5am, Feb 2, 2008

Camp Redington update: I love having a publisher program again! Designed an awesome 30' GerTee for the museum and office, laid out phase 1 construction maps and finally got started on the actual business plans. I've pretty much decided to build a traditional homesteader fish camp. Tim's excited about it because he "knows how to build that."

Tim Redington's Fish Cleaning Station,
summer 2007

Tim Redington's Alaskan Homesteader MuseumWho knows what you'll find in a homesteader's pantry?

15,000 to 50,000 year old bison skull
found north of Fairbanks.

The central park strip behind the museum will be the "slime line" for Copper River Salmon. It'll have fish cleaning tables, smokers and drying racks, a bbq grill inside a screened gertee, an outside fire pit, and we're putting up Rick's 18 foot teepee by the fire.

For phase 2, I hope to build 4 private camp bath houses in 14' gertees, each furnished with a funky shower, wooden hot tub and a comfortable dressing/sitting area. These will rent by the hour and will be designed to accomodate big trucks. While the museum is targeting the outside visitors, the fish camp targets Alaskan fishermen. It may be fun for the outside visitors to watch and learn how to process our salmon. Be lots of good eating, for humans and dogs both!

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