Saturday, August 28, 2010

Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21

Got a friend or family member who thinks UN LA21 is a right wing wacko conspiracy theory? Send them here:

Looking for ways to get involved in your own local community's economic redevelopment? Wonder if it's worth the effort to go to meetings and speak out?

Do it. The local level is the place where we have the most legal power to fight for our individual liberty and our private land. Never forget this is a land war or that he who controls the land controls everything on it. This is theft of freedom by stealth, and why communitarians spend so much time and effort training sly facilitators and teachers (Common Purpose, Communitarian Network, Sustainable Seattle, 1000 Friends of Lucifer, WISE, etc) who take over our local neighborhoods and lead us into violating our own laws and principles.

While they are first adopted by the UN and then praised at the national and state levels, communitarian land management plans are almost always adopted by local councils and then implemented at the lowest local levels.

Ever wonder about green retrofitting and how it affects everyone, whether they're on the left or the right or could care less?

And Coming Soon: Post Sustainability Institute, a 501 c4 non-profit organization that will be educating the public on the effects of communitarianism on their liberty.


Anonymous said...

Several times a year we are mailed a newsletter from our township government. Washington Township in Delaware County in Ohio. The newsletter is PR for local govt. and it's also brainwashing for the local residents. In it we are told how to be safe, green, sustainable, and pleasing to our government, i.e. what to vote for (higher taxes). The Fall/Winter edition, on page 5, has a section titled IS IT SUSTAINABLE? The preachy article tells us how to be good citizens in "the sustainability movement that is driving many businesses, organizations, agencies and individuals to look at their consumption habits and make a few changes." Then the article tells how the Township got started down this path when they remodeled fire stations. We are told to use green cleaning products, purchase energy efficient appliances, use cooking pots of the right size, install low-flow shower heads and spend less time showering, turn off water while brushing teeth, etc. The newsletter has much more of this drivel but I'll stop here. I just wanted to write how it works here in our neck of the woods.

Sean said...

We've got the same brainwashing here in Walla Walla!

...Niki, is this your non-profit?

You got me curious as usual. :d

Take care, much love,