Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Israel to Expel 400 children, by Jason Koutsoukis

I got a rude email today accusing me of being a cult, a crackpot conspiracy theorist and a Jew hater for writing about what's happening to Oliver Stone. This is for Richard:
Israel to expel 400 children
August 3, 2010


ISRAEL will expel 400 native-born children of non-Jewish foreign workers to help safeguard the country's Jewish identity.

Migrant advocacy groups responded angrily, arguing that the decision would punish innocent children by sending them back to impoverished nations their parents left in search of better lives in Israel.

Announcing the decision on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the policy was also aimed at halting the flow of illegal immigrants across the southern border with Egypt.

''On the one hand, this problem is a humanitarian problem, we all feel and understand the hearts of children,'' Mr Netanyahu said. ''But on the other hand, there are Zionist considerations and ensuring the Jewish character of the state of Israel.''

Under the new rules, children born to foreign workers who entered Israel legally, and who have lived in Israel for five years or more, speak Hebrew and are enrolled in an Israeli school, will be eligible for permanent residency.

After considering the issue for more than a year, the Israeli cabinet voted 13 to 10 in favour of the decision.

Some ministers voted against the move because not enough children were being expelled. Other ministers were opposed to expelling any children.

About 400 children of foreign workers will have to leave Israel by the end of the month, while another 800 children will be eligible to stay.

''This isn't the state of the Jews that I know, that expels children,'' said Industry Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, a Labour Party member. ''This is not the right time to let people see Israel expelling 400 children.''

Rotem Ilan, chairman of Israeli Children, an advocacy group for migrant workers' families, said: ''We're talking about children here. They are the children of people who came to Israel legally to work.

''We brought these people here to plough our fields, build our houses and take care of our grandparents. And with people, come families.''

Ms Ilan argued that it was the deportation of children that threatened Israel's Jewish character.

''The obligation to act with kindness and compassion to foreigners is the most frequently repeated commandment in the Torah,'' she said.
Some Jews obviously still think the Torah is Jewish Law. Does that make them anti Semitic? What is the "Jewish identity" that the Zionists want to "safeguard?" Why do I always get the same hate mails every time I write something about someone who is under attack for telling the truth about Israel and the Zionist influence on the American media? Jewish Who's Whos always boast of the Jewish prominence in industry and the arts. Israeli technology dominates the global market. The Israeli military has the U.S. military doing its bidding in the Middle East. These are facts, and to quote Barbra Streisand, "I've got no axe to grind.. but hey... what are ya.... blind?"

Richard, were you trained at the same school in Israel as all the other Zionist drones who monitor the internet for "hate speech?" You people are almost as entertaining as Jesse Ventura.


Katko said...

I spent a almost two years in Israel over three trips-working on a kibbutz, in a restaurant, a nature school, and as a day laborer. Israel has a totally racist society-they treat white heathens like me like crap, although we can outwork any jew. I often stayed up allnight with my Brit and irish friends boozing, then we went to a labor job and ran circles around the Israelis.
The jews treat everyone that's not a Khazaar or Ashkenazi jew like they are second class citizens.
There are no people on earth ruder or lazier or more arrogant than Israeli and American jews.
Even my cool Israeli jewish artist/writer/musician/desert rat friends don't like the snot nosed zionists.

the tent lady said...

What a fun life you've led! It's a shame the society is structured so badly when it attracts such givers. We do know how to work in this country, don't we?

I was very disappointed to learn about the race classifications. That was back when I still wanted to support Israel and thought the Mossad were our heros. For me it hasn't anything to do with Jewish commoners, who, like myself, have no influence what-so-ever on international politics.

Besides the fact that Zionism is not just a Jewish ideology. So many Christians embrace and fund it you could almost mistake it for a Christian ideology.

Then there's the whole British banking aspect which adds another twist.. trying to figure Zionism out was a nightmare for me.

It's hard to like any group that uses slurs to win their arguments.

the tent lady said...

This is how my little email exchange ended with Richard:

"I've demonized you too much, so I'm going to reduce my anger a couple of notches. It's just that I'm disappointed when people ascribe such great influence, often conspiratorially, to historic or living Jews. We've been despised every since the Apostles, save Matthew, blamed Jews for Jesus' death, when they all knew full well that the Romans were guilty.
"Every great social or political movement in human history, Zionism included, began with few public supporters. In the case of Zionism, there are myriad reasons why there was not only tepid support for the idea at first, but sometimes outright hostility. To this day there are on the Right Ultra-Orthodox sects which won't accept Israel until the coming of the Messiah. And on the Left those whose one and only true faith is Marxism. Then there were and are the Jewish atheists who couldn't care less if a Jewish state were extant. Finally, the majority of Jews who,given the long-standing Jew-hatred of Christians and Moslems were intimidated from heeding Theodore Herzl's clarion call to Jews to seek to return to their homeland, Palestine, in the late 19th century.
"Justice Brandeis, didn't fully support Zionism until just before WW I. Not even his most astute biographers have been able to ascertain exactly why he became a leading Zionist spokesman, although the rampant nationalism which helped lead to the war and then its resultant widespreadcarnage, and also the Russian Revolution must have been causative factors. Ethnic and racial minorities, especially Jews are at their most vulnerable during times of upheaval and uncertainty, and social dislocation.
"As for Etzioni, I heard him give a rather idealistic, even IMHO, utopian speech on C-Span several years ago about how the multitudinous ethnic group which comprise NYC, would more peacefully co-exist in the future. I know nothing else about him.
"Your reference to Martin Buber is puzzling, but if you think he was in any way pro-Zionist you're entirely mistaken. In 1947 and '48 when during the debate about the creation of the State of Israel at the UN, most importantly. and elsewhere, Buber wrote frequently in both popular and intellectual journals stating his opposition to a Jewish state. Indeed, he even opposed what the UN originally wanted-what now is called the two-state partition, with Israel and Palestine side-by-side. Only after the Arab states in the region militantly rejected the partition was Israel given the right to what would have been the two states' boundaries,
"As for Buber, he became a pariah within Israel, also to many U.S. Jews and most painfully to him by his friend since childhood, also a philosopher, named Gershom Scholem, who at some point in their hostile colloquies, never spoke or wrote to him again.
"You are correct, of course, that I began this exchange, and did so, I admit, with an excess oif vituperation. Based on your writings that I circuitously linked into, consigning you to Hell was a bit much.I've always believed that people should be able to vehemently disagree about political issues without their exchanges descending to the level of our emails. I went too far.
"I sheepishly can attribute some of my anger to the brutally hot and humid weather we've experienced for a month here in NYC, as record-breaking heat indexes make tempers grow short. But I believe you, out there in the cooler Northwest, became intemperate too.
"You called me an internet stalker, a term I'm unfamiliar with, but which isn't true. As I said, I reached your website only after several links led me there. I don't blame you if you didn't read all of this lengthy email, but if so I hope the more civil level of this email concludes our correspondence on a higher plane.
"Take care, and stay away from Hell. LOL."

Kolnidre said...

It's important to keep in mind when observing what transpires in the faux state of Israhell what is happening in one place while attention is drawn to another. Whether manufactured or opportunistic, it amounts to a sleight of hand. In this present case, while many in the world were rightly outraged at the murder of civilian aid workers sending toys and coriander to Gaza, Israhell took advantage of the attention to that area to step up the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem. To the Edomites and Khazars that play by the ludicrous scripts of the old texts and pretend to be inheritors of the "Israelite" mantle, Jerusalem is the only place that matters. The old slogan wasn't "Next year in Haifa," after all. It's always been Jerusalem, and it's the planned capital of the Rothschilds' Jew World Order.