Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gertee Instructable becomes popular!

Eric, founder and CEO of Instructables, has informed me my gertee tutorial just became officially popular:


Louis Turner said...

Congratulations on a job very well done. You deserve the highest recognition for a creation that should sweep the nation and I’m proud to be your “Blog Neighbor.”

I wouldn’t mind living in a Gertee myself except I’m not in Montana anymore and live in the great state of “shake and bake.” Maybe one day I’ll defect from California and live in Alaska – such a beautiful State.

Anonymous said...

See Niki, you're popular where it matters to you.


the tent lady said...

Thanks Louis, let me know when you're ready to defect.:) Maybe someday our people will build whatever they want where ever they own the land.

Oh sister it's never been a good thing for me to be "popular"... but I am glad gertee is. The new website is almost ready to go online too. Nordica did a really nice job on it!

Louis Turner said...

You are very welcome Niki. Hopefully I will defect by 10/10/10. I have a bad feeling that California will be attacked by it’s own government (again) and that the news media will blame it on some Middle Eastern country or even blame it on “Christian extremists.” In any case I would rather be living away form cities – like, way out in the country somewhere. :o)