Monday, August 9, 2010

Is communitarianism a "real word"?

From a forum today at the Columbus Dispatch:
Yes, I have 2 degrees. Proud of 'em - I worked hard to earn them. Not even a scholarship.

I don't want children feeling guilty because their parents are unable or unwilling to supply what they need to learn. It's not their fault - let them feel guilty for their own bad choices.

You didn't spend time and money "supplying" me with anything - I earned every penny (emphasis on "penny") I made.

I didn't have time to "train" kids to be group thinkers or COMMUNITARIANS (hate to break it to your uneducated self...not a real word)- I taught kids math, reading, and history. I didn't have time to worry about leftist philosophy what with the schizophrenics, crack-babies, adhd kids, and kids who had never been told not to hit their neighbor during an argument.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted that. That person is typical of those who teach our children. So ignorant but does not know how ignorant and is not even teachable. Could have just gone to the internet and learned what the word means but was too ignorant and dull to do that little thing. You'd think these people would feel shame about their obvious failings but they don't. These are what I am taxed for.

the tent lady said...

One of my readers sent it to me, she's been following what's going on in the school system for a long time. It is truly amazing how many people still insist there is no such thing as communitarianism.