Friday, August 20, 2010

Sustainable Development Masks UN Agenda, by Kevin Eggers, Napa Valley Register

Kevin Eggers' response to the local communitarian supporter of LA21 came out in the paper today, I followed the link from my Statcounter because somebody from GWU took that link to my website. Hmmm. Wonder if our GWU reader is one of the commenters. Kevin wrote a very understandable rebuttal, but most of the the responses are typical communitarian preschool logic. One commenter is so confused he thinks communitarian law will fix the problems with NAFTA! And they just can't resist petty name calling, it must be taught at the highest academic levels these days. Of course I'm not an "expert" on this topic... I'm "crazy". I made up the theory and I made it "vague" so I can use it to oppose any government action I don't like.

It's almost unbelievable that there are still people who claim communitarianism doesn't exist! Are people really that ignorant or are these comments coming from Etzioni's trolls?


angry cheese said...

"Typical communitarian preschool logic." Love it!

Angry Cheese said...

The Constitution and Bill of Rights give us our Individual Rights - so the western governments in USA and Britain have introduced Human Rights to undermine and replace Individual Rights but will then say Human Rights have to be balanced against the Rights of the Community. The spokes-people for the community are the "stake holders," trained with NLP by Common Purpose to tow the government line. This appears now to be spreading across the old British Empire to all countries that based also their government and legal systems on England's, eg. India.
See Cameron and Lord Patten (end pic.), the last Hong Kong governor before HK and its people were just handed over to China, like a tray of sandwiches.