Thursday, April 8, 2010

Making lemonade

Big gertee and two runaways

10 foot PVC gertee

PVC walls are tied just like the wood

My laptop crashed just after I made the last post. My entire gertee book was on it, as well as all my videos and pictures from the last 4 years. At first I was so bummed I almost cried. But then, within minutes actually, I thought (again) how much of my life has been spent on the computer since I began studying the communitarian takeover in 1999. And from that moment I decided to let it all go for now, maybe it can be recovered but even if it can't, I'm still going to write the book and make the DVD... it will just be written the old fashioned way, on paper with a pen, with all new copy, pictures and video of the new gertees I'm making now.

Besides all my spring cleaning and rearanging little gertee, I refinished the 20 inch miniature with scraps from a "Sweetheart House" Kathy gave me last year. It turned out so well I want to rebuild my full size 20 footer exactly the same way. But now I have a "real" mini gertee to show.

The best news right now is Tim made the first 10 foot PVC model gertee and it totally worked! I have ideas for 6 sizes, all adaptable to each other and 12 different styles for numerous uses. No pole is over 5 foot and it should pack up nice in a duffle bag with wheels. We're making metal roof rings too for the models that will use stoves. The whole project is taking on a new dimension and it's a good thing I don't have internet because a lot of what I'm doing requires thoughtful preparation and a slower approach. I'm also relieved to get a vacation from the people who keep finding my work and then expect me to be something that I'm not. There's a lot of suffering out there, much of it caused by communitarianism, but I cannot be the salve that heals those wounds. I just can't.
The worst news I've gotten lately was from E. Michael Jones in the latest issue of Culture Wars. His article and review of a book about Private Equity firms was the first time I've learned about how the communitarians buy up companies just to put them into debt. I may have read about Bush Sr. and Carlyle being PE in Tarpley's book, but it didn't have the impact on me that Jone's piece did. If your company has been purchased by a Private Equity firm (such as the former president's) ... be prepared to be looking for a job in 2012 when the loans come due. Beyond rude who these people really are and how little knowledge we have of their true colors.


Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

Nice to see you back.


Nordica said...

so glad you got a chance to make a post, it made my day to see it pop up on google i'm not the only one who misses your diligent blogging after all this time. it comes to be something you take for granted. seeing those gorgeous horses like something out of a calendar and pvc gertee was like christmas.

Josef Kazantski said...

been looking in, wondering how you was. Good to see you back!

angry cheese said...

I feel for you, this kind of thing has happened to all of us at sometime - very frustrating and aggravating.
By the way, are you still getting emaols - I emailed you a few days ago to say that the article I suggested with Gerrish's UK Column is looking good! I will be in touch during this week when I hear something.

Katko said...

It was the will of THE LORD!!!!
The Unholy One was lurking in your computer, creating pop-ups of expensive material objects for sale, and jello laden midget circus clown porn!!!
Run to your nearest church and purify your eyes with holy water, Niki, before you very soul is sucked from within.