Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gerteeville grows!

interior 10' pvc gertee for campers

neat way to heat and cook.. goes in the book!

Gerteeville, April 20, 2010

Put the new 10' camper's model in my backyard and started playing in it last night. Had my first outside pit fire of the season and burned everything not stuck in the ice still. We're making several changes to the model after this one, all the rest of the walls from now on will be riveted permanently. I can easily manage the zip ties, after 3 moves it's all holding fairly well, but I can already see how it will irritate people. Tim figured out the rivets so that's the way they'll be. Probably cut down on a lot of complaints. :)

I still want a frame-only package for the DIY crowd and plan to make them available too. The wholesale cost will be, for a ten foot wide, 77 sq ft with an 8 foot center with tarp covers (roof, walls, floor), $500.00. Please do not try to order one yet.. heh, and Sean A. and Darren K., you guys are already at the top of my list for promo testers, I'll be writing with details soon.

It's kind of funny having the "tent" model in my yard. When I went in my 16' home gertee after it got dark and cold last night I laughed because of the vast difference between the two models. The 16' just has a floor and more covers on the walls, it's really a tent, and it yet seems like a completly different unit.

Tim warned me last night to watch for bears when I'm back on the trails because there wasn't much food last fall and there isn't any for them now as they're waking from their naps. Like humans, some bears wake up grumpy and hungry. He burned all the carcasses from around the shop and I picked up the bones and scraps the dogs dragged into my space over the winter. Now that his dog team is gone there's not a lot to keep them from coming right into the campground. eep. Lock and load! :)

Finished a 4 page handwritten draft of a new article for the UK... now i just need to type it up and get it emailed to the editor. It wasn't as hard as I imagined it would be, but I haven't written anything by hand for over a decade besides my daily journals. I threw 20 pages away before I found my voice. Kept wanting to write a satire... maybe I will next time.

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring. It's amazing how good it feels to Alaskans every year, how suprisingly good it is to watch the snow melt into the ground and dry so fast if ya blink you miss it. It's hard to be depressed about the world when there's so much promise again. I've been listening to Tim's parent's record collection and singing along with GI Blues... forgot all about those songs when I made the Local agenda 21 for blonds video, coulda sang Elvis for my Nolan! - you ever get one of those days boys, you ever get one of those days? when nothing is right, from morning to night, you ever get one of those days? daysdaysdaysdaysdaysdaysdays...

"I've got those hup two three four occupation GI Blues.... GI blues..... "

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