Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Chitina Terrain Depot opening May 24, 2010!

We got the deal on the Wayside! I plan on building a 30' gertee to attach to the van with seats, a few gifts, a slideshow and a 16' wooden dance floor in the center. I've got a bunch of old 20s, 30s and 40s lps that I'll play all day long. I'm dancing every day and amazed at how stiff my body has become this past winter. I'm thinking our older customers might enjoy a couple dances before they get back in their vehicles for the long drive to McCarthy. My crew is the same locals who've helped me with the gertees over the years. Fishing season starts on the fishwheels the 15th (I think) and dipnetting opens sometime around the first of June. Still need to find out exactly what the communitarian regulations are about selling/cooking our own fish, but I'm fairly certain we'd have to buy it from a cannery and can't use the fresh fish coming out of the river. Which means I will be able to check into the whole salmon-roe patties idea from Lark. :)
I was hoping to find the time to write an article addressing the Tea Party before I get too caught up in the details of opening. They're still not addressing communitarianism in their arguments and when I asked Gigi on fb how many people she knows in the movement who are aware of the communitarian theory, besides her, she said maybe a handful. They need to know that if they do not address the synthesis they will never succeed in restoring constitutional government.
The problem is many of the Tea Party "patriots" are so embedded in their dialectical side that they refuse to consider their own contribution to establishing totalitarian communitarianism. The right insists on blaming the left as if their side is beyond reproach, when if fact it took both sides to achieve the middle ground between the two. Both sides keep their focus on the other side and never look at the middle "solution," they never question the need for a "balance," which is where ALL their arguments lead. Tom DeWeese wrote an article recently warning the Tea Party people to watch out for infiltrators like Alex Jones and Larouchies. You'd think if DeWeese really cared about our nation he would include the most critical information the Tea Party could USE right now. But not only does he not include communitarians in the movement as the most deadly of all the infiltrators, he endorses one of the biggest communitarian liars in the game, Sarah Palin. The right is just as communitarianized as the left, and maybe even more so.
If you ask a Republican who the enemy is, odds are good they'll name the Democrats. Neither side wants to admit they're helping to establish global supremacy of communitarian law.

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