Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spokane, WA leads the nation in throwing the bums out!

Here's an educated and active bunch of American patriots. I kind of hate that term anymore, but these people look like they deserve the title in an honorable way. This really is fantastic news for us who oppose the entire sustainable development agenda. I just wished outloud on fb that the Tea Party would complain about something I can relate to and then I opened freedom advocates mail from Shaw. So hey Chris!!! Is this what happened with the info you took to Spokane last year? :)

Text of Charter Amendments submitted as follows:
Submitted by; Michael Fagan, 1523 E. Dalton Ave., Spokane, WA 99207

An ordinance relating to preventing membership in and relationships with the
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), the United
Nations, and other organizations undermining United States Sovereignty; amending
the Charter of the City of Spokane adopting a new section 34.5, repealing
conflicting sections of the Spokane Municipal code, adopting a new section
01.04.035 to title 1 of the Spokane Municpal Code, and providing

WHEREAS, in the name of "sustainable development" as documented under United
Nations Agenda 21, property rights are often arbitrarily stripped of citizens in
the pursuit of a public policy that provides the community little to no tangible
benefits. Under the guise of environmentalism, Agenda 21 is a subtle attempt to
gradually take away the freedoms and liberties of ordinary Americans,
restricting them to urban centers where they can be more readily controlled by a
strong statist government. At the same time, through Agenda 21 implementation
and the associated Wildlands Project, people are gradually banned from large
patches of rural environment where they would more readily be able to escape the
increasingly Orwellian control structure of the government. Many of the
principles represented in Agenda 21 were recently promoted in the City of
Spokane by Envision Spokane via an initiative labeled a "Community Bill of
Rights" which would give rights to inanimate objects and restrict the liberties
of individual business owners and property owners.

the rest is here:


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Katko said...

Yeah, I was really happy to see some of the locals really kicking some communitarian Yobama worshipping butt.
There's a real strong core group of folks here that shoot guns, grow food and know their rights.
Unfortunately the other 90 somethin' per cent wouldn't feel it if you kicked their butt due to the build up of trans fats.
It's springtime now and they sit on dirty couches out front...oh, the yard! lard!

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting article:

I think this doctor needs to be familiarised with the ACL. He manages to decribe Communitarianism perfectly but without naming it as such.