Friday, July 31, 2009

Who the Falk is Amitai Etzioni?

There's a consistent pattern of behavior among Americans studying the NWO that defies explanation. It's as if there is one set of topics open to debate, and there's another set of topics that are closed to any public discussion. The number of Americans who publically address the communitarian philosophy or acknowledge global-to-local communitarian law can be counted on one hand. The rest of the anti-NWO "activist community" continues to ignore or minimize the verifiable bureaucratic and judicial structure for the emerging world government.

Why do so many Americans studying the emerging supra-national world government put their focus on only the branches of the communitarian tree? Some study the Bilderbergs, many study Illuminatti, others the Zionists, others the UN and it's related programs, and some tie these all together under the British Royal Family. But they all stop short of identifying the NWO philosophy or the NWO legal structure (which has established case law already on record in the EU, the USSR and China). This is why the Americans have lost their nation forever, and no amount of scoffing, sneering, crying, yelling or finger pointing can change the fact that the US Constitution has been slowly replaced with illegal Communitarian Values.

The Obama administration is entirely communitarian.For months now I've read article after article from former Obama supporters who are having second thoughts based on everything except Obama's committment to advancing communitarianism in the United States. Hundreds of writers artfully deflect any attention towards Obama's verifiable past. Their role seems to be to keep America focused only on the NWO's pre-planned areas of discrepancy. Thousands of Hegelian arguments grow and circulate endlessly, leading all duped sides into eventually capitulating to what was the ultimate goal all along. Hegelian arguments steer Americans, not only in useless circles, but into a deep dark pit that lurks just beneath every smiling face promising to bring Americans peace and "change." The communitarian mantra is "change," but that fact was never important enough to bring to the American's attention. Nor was the fact that Obama's Harvard Law School application was signed by a leading communitarian thinker considered worthy of an article or two.

Communitarian Platform signer Professor John McNight even made a youtube video of his mentorship of Obama's community activism and his prominent role in advancing Obama's political career. McNight's Institute for Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ilinois was one of the first places I learned how communitarian thinking and terminology are being introduced around the world. McNight's Workbook for "Mapping and Mobilizing Community Capacity" is the more invasive version of the US Census's new American Community Survey. The communitarians planned to rebuild America, house by house, block by block, town by town, and the way they planned to do it was to put every American's private life into their GIS map. Now the communitarians have their new census, and it comes into our homes with the full force of US communitarian law behind it.

By 1999, when I first became aware of the plan, hundreds of communitarian books, essays and articles had already been written and circulated among upper academia. The communitarian philosophy had also already permeated every local government agency in Seattle, Washington. Communitarian terms were thrown around regularly at public meetings and written into neighborhood plans. Seattle Police Department (SPD) had already changed their mission statement to communitarian terminology, openly stating their number one goal was to promote livability and quality of life. Invasive federalized police actions used to implement portions of the global neighbohood plans were cloaked in communitarian objectives to rebuild a safer and healthier community. Friendly, neighborly, cute COPS on bikes became the communitarian logo.

Everyone involved in civic life seemed to be making money on the communitarian bandwagon. Freemasons around the country began organizing themselves around community development groups whose sole purpose was to introduce communitarian land use regulations. Church officials affiliated with the World Council of Churches openly declared themselves as spiritual adherants to the new global sustainable philosophy. Pope John Paul wrote a vision of building a more spiritual communitarian world. Other less known and new groups became part and parcel of the communitarian changes, with groups like Sustainable Seattle created before the Rio conference in 1992 where sustainability was the primary topic. That the Director of the Seattle Department of Design, Construction and Land Use (DCLU) was also on the Board of Directors of Sustainable Seattle (and a presenter at Rio) was never a concern of the lesser agencies following the DCLU's lead in reorganizing Seattle neighborhoods under communitarian regulations.

Ten years ago we learned we were "human research subjects" in a global Community Oriented Policing (COPS) and sustainable development pilot project. The pilot test had several sub-tests included, most notably COMPASS, the NIJ's COPS GIS database used for Community Mapping, Planning, Analysis and Safety Strategies in our neighborhood. Files on residents were kept by Community Service Officers whose job was to "identify all the players." The bigger international plan for completely modifiying human behaviors was tested in several cities and rural areas across the United States. Each area tried different ways to get around the 4th Amendment, an "identified barrier to the plan." (SPD Chief Norm Stamper 1996)

A "necessary" communitarian assumption of power over all national resources was the official explanation for making such drastic changes to US property and privacy law. One of the first things I learned when I started to study the plans was that I, along with all the other human beings on the planet, was identified as a "resource" in all their planning documents. The very idea that somebody said I was merely a resource to be harvested like a tree or a fish was so insulting I had to know what they had to back that statement up. What I found was a virtual library of published works defining the communitarian's plan for changing the world. I'm not referring to the Communist Manifesto here either, communism, like capitalism, is but a branch on the communitarian tree. Obama is not a communist, and even if he were you could never prove it. Nobody knows for sure where he was born or can show documents proving he's a clone of an Eqyptian Pharoh. What can be easily verified is that Obama is a communitarian, and that's the one topic that remains unspoken before the huddled US masses.

Ten years ago I still believed in the economic principles that established the United States. There's no hope left in me that the Americans will somehow stop the communitarians from stealing their national economy. The majority of America still thinks the communitarian's global agenda is nothing but a stupid conspiracy theory, and most of the 222 people who joined my Stop UN Local Agenda 21 group on Facebook are from Eastern Europe. (The majority of our book sales for 2020: Our Common Destiny are outside the US.) Lately it appears the communitarians have implanted the idea that their publically available blueprints for a global government are a conspiracy. Every day now we get hits at the ACL from people around the world searching for the "Agenda 21 conspiracy." But apparently not everyone is as gullible as the Americans. I may not be invited or sponsored to give talks on communitarian philosophy and law at American conferences (especially the ones using the word "freedom"), but I have been asked by local government officials in South Africa if I hold internet seminars or would be willing to come there. The boys at Stop Common Purpose in London had no trouble understanding that communitarianism was the basis for the program they oppose. Paul Barnes in Canada immediately recognized communitarianism in the programs and policies in his home nation. What's the big barrier to American patriots and truthers... the truth?

There's a part of me now that is ashamed of myself for devoting ten years to defending the US Constitution against seditious communitarianism. I've been able to hold my head up in spite of the ravages ten years of poverty brings on, because in my heart I knew I was fighting a just war that had to be fought. Somewhere along the way I accepted America will end up a slave population to international communitarian masters. My slavish devotion to insisting US legal principles trumph communitarian justice was naive. Our people already capitulate to every demand the communitarians make, so who and what exactly was I defending? And this whole "I got my gun" defense that I hear and see written so much now is driving me bonkers. Armed resistance is written into their scenario; it's a Hegelian tool. Fabians, Mossad, CIA, HS, FEMA, NORTHCOM, DEA, SWAT, ACT, COPS et. al. are trained to instigate it. Hegel, the grandfather of communitarianism (Etzioni is the "father") said the best way to help humanity is via violence. If we knew that, would our people still think arming themselves was the best defense they could come up with? This was always a war of wits and words, not bullets. Far too many of our people are blind and arrogant enough to play right into every hand they're dealt.

Just before Barack Obama won the US Presidency, Amitai Etzioni, GWU Professor, Fabian founder of the Commutarian Network, former Israeli soldier and adviser to US Presidents since 1979, advised all his followers at the Huffington Post to put champaygne on ice... their protoges were on the way to the White House. Too bad so few in America were paying attention to what was really happening during the last election.

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Angry Cheese said...

I understand the despair you must feel at times, all the hard work, the hundreds of hours - the years - of study you've done to try and wake your people up.
Please don't get too upset, people will understand - and soon, the Web is replacing the MSM more every day, and many are hungry for the truth.
The problem is that, on the face of it, the study of Communitarianism (look at the word itself,it puts most people off right away) seems a very dry, intellectual and complex subject. Which is why you are so very special because you can take on the "intellectuals" but also put it into plain english for ordinary people to understand. I might start a Niki Raapana fan club!

Patrick said...

Thought provoking post Nikki.

I've been a fan of your work for a number of years now and would not be concerned about the comings and goings or the mesmerized confusion of the self-described truthers, birthers, peakers, etc.; besides, 'communitarian' came up in my spell checker.

More importantly, couldn't the same argument be made about Eugenics? The eugenicists?

While at times confusing, these agendas seem to be overlapping, incestuous, and hidden in plain sight, yet seem to share a common goal of control, domination, and submission by a group with a long history of such behavior.

My point is: you can't subpoena or indict "the communitarian's" any more than you can "a group of elite offshore bankers," but you can take a look at the individuals, their organizations and activities that are responsible for all these "isms" out to destroy us.


P.S. Forget about it, Oklahoma City is humid as hell in August.

Bobby Garner said...

It is one of the most heartbreaking experiences to discover that when you have finally figured out how the world really works, that no one wants to hear about it. I always thought that such a monumental discovery might win the Nobel Prize or something, but it doesn't even get an honorable mention in a tabloid news rag. Even worse, it tends to draw considerable scorn and ridicule from the few who happen to notice what you've done.

This doesn't fully explain why the mainline researchers won't touch the hard core truth of the matter, because that would imply that they actually know and understand what the truth is. I think they intuitively know and fear what it would do to their careers if they published the whole truth, so they focus instead on trendy exposès of the obvious and easily verified features which earn them the status they so dearly love.

What they describe (collectively) is a a hydra, a multi-headed beast. They choose to focus on the particular head which is grazing on their own turf and ignore those which are feeding on everyone else's. Non of them want to discuss the big hairy body to which the head is attached on the other side of the fence.

They are practicing exactly what Alice Bailey described in the dualities, which was later explained in practical terms by Marilyn Ferguson in The Aquarian Conspiracy that there should not be any recognizable organization or obvious interconnections between the various fields of interest, yet they would all work toward the same objective by each one doing something within their own ability and field of interest. There is plenty of deniability built into such an arrangement, and while some may recognize certain relationships, they are easily able to deny being part of anything apart from their own little group or following.

So, the question is: How do we avoid fitting into that mold?

I don't believe we can honestly say that Communitarianism is that big hairy beast, simply because we can and do trace it back to its roots and find that it grows out of something else. It is the manifestation of something still larger than itself. Communitarianism may be the dominate head on the monster, but in my opinion it doesn't define the monster itself.

Anonymous said...

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the tent lady said...

Patrick, Why can't we indict the Communitarians? They are not obscure like the loose affiliation of international bankers. The Communitarian Network has a platform that was signed by all their original supporters, a manifesto of their purpose, hundreds of published books and articles defining their illegal objectives in detail, as well as American university study institutes called "communitarian studies." Do the bankers have that?

It's not about indicting all the communitarians, there are thousands of minor followers. It is about indicting Werner Falk aka Amitai Etzioni, Robert Putnam, Will Galston, MaryAnn Glendon, Lynn Rothschild, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush II, every member of the U.S. Congress that voted in favor of communitarian laws, and last but not least, Obama, all guilty until proven innocent of sedition against the free people of the United States of America, (as per their own backwards communitarian principles for justice).

Hide in plain sight, eh?

Anonymous said...

Yes Niki it's a terrible feeling to know you've reached the point where you can not reach them. They won't listen. I do understand how you feel and I empathize with you.

I saw it coming when it was being introduced into the Federal Government. I found out you can't win this war. It is as you say a war of the mind. Bullets will do nothing. It is our mind they want and I for one refuse to give mine up. We have to take care of ourselves now Niki. You did a great job and I admire you greatly for trying to reach our Country with the truth. It is heart breaking to see all of this happening. And as you's all backwards. Everything we were, and did, and learned has been turned on it head. What was right is now wrong and what was wrong is now right. They will not allow any old school thinker to survive in this matrix.

As Bobby said...the problem is much deeper. Not many people actually know the root cause of it all nor are many interested in finding out.

The truth of it all is draconian and murderous, evil people who would rule the world.

Communitarian laws and policies have subverted American Law and Justice and are in place to control behavior, and thinking of "Human Resources"

Chin up Niki and know you did all you could do.


Anonymous said...

Ditto. Fifteen years ago when I began learning about the evil that is our government education system and I worked so hard to gather information and proof and just knew that everyone else would want to know what I had found out...and then I began to see that nobody wanted to know. It was heartbreaking. Fifteen years later and nothing has changed. It must be a strong delusion.

Anonymous said...

when it comes down to it, americans, for the most part, are so fat headed, lazy, despicable and cowardly that the majority of them deserve internment, disease, social slavery, situation comedies with b actors, and underwear that's entirely too tight on their huge bulbous ripply asses.
the best WE can hope for is to end up in Valhalla.
as for the rest of them, let them slowly dissolve in front of the television, wreaking of fast food while reruns of oprah entertain their rotting carcasses.
don't get down-the fun stuff is still to come.
all we have to do is make our ancestors proud.
fuck everyone else.

Patrick said...


>>Why can't we indict the Communitarians?

At this point, that would be like asking the cows to indict the American Beef Packers Association.

>>It's not about indicting all the communitarians, there are thousands of minor followers. It is about indicting Werner Falk aka Amitai Etzioni, Robert Putnam, Will Galston, MaryAnn Glendon, Lynn Rothschild, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush II, every member of the U.S. Congress that voted in favor of communitarian laws, and last but not least, Obama, all guilty until proven innocent of sedition against the free people of the United States of America,<<

Add a few more of these One World weirdos, their freedom hating organizations and their Constitution destroying agendas and I think you just proved my argument. (paragraph 4 above)