Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gertee's new summer wardrobe

Happy 4th of July!

Garden staring to look like things might grow

Bunch of green came up overnight

US flag from my dad's funeral.
Thanks for sending it Susan!

Fred learns to drive the water truck

Fred says "I'm big enough to drive this 4 wheeler too."

So Cornina teaches him to drive it.

Little Gertee's new entryway/waterstation

Lovely new door curtain from Aunt Susan

Miniwerks area, southwest side

Sleeping room under construction

Sun coming through screen and burlap

made the southeast wallcover able to roll up.

Got a used compost toilet in a trade for webwork!
(Not hooked up yet and the fan needs electric.)

New bathroom of burlap walls, now I'm
figuring out how to install a camp shower!

Little gertee glows at midnight


Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

Gertee looks nice. Glad that the garden is coming along well.


Dragon said...

Sweet...You have to love that kind of living.
I might be moving up to Ak for a job.
Got any advice? Dragon

Anonymous said...

Sweet sweet pictures Niki.
Love you,

Lark said...

My goodness, Niki. Little gertee and surrounds are looking almost tropical!

Ya got any room to put up Sarah and Todd Palin (makin' room for the kiddos would be nice) for a couple a days? I understand now that she's been run off her job (the law suits are being dropped?) the media says it'd be good for her to take some time off... to get better indoctrinated... since she's [sadly] still a little green... about the ways of the new world order... and all.

Some cock-a-maimie story about 2012... 2016... or beyond... was the floated "positive spin"... in the aftermath of her announcement. Commentators like [the totally unbelieving] Stuart Varney on FOX News today thought her actions... a bit suspicious... even foolhardy.

Surely nothing sells milk duds and cotton candy... like mystery and wonderment... now does it, Stuart?

But, ya know, Niki, I'd bet you could lend Sarah a mighty big hand in some regard. You could help her get smarter! And the publicity just could help you both. Heck, with the right kind of financial support... "the tent lady"... could "reap the whirlwind" of Sarah... and Sarah could show how much she's "down with the locals." Who knows... maybe all of y'all... could go on a moose [or wolf] shoot together - now wouldn't that be fun for the media slickers!?!;)

Anyway... let us know how we can assist! I can see a publicity bonanza taking shape here - send her an email about how lovely and sustainably one can live in Alaska - can't you?

P.S. - BTW, have you ever heard this guy speak before? He gets his news from a Spymaster, I take it.

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